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Picture of VIPRE Endpoint  & Email Security

VIPRE Endpoint & Email Security

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Product Overview

These solutions are available to purchase through ConnectWise. Contact your Account Manager for more details.

VIPRE Endpoint Security Products

VIPRE Site Manager 
VIPRE Site Manager is an endpoint security solution with multi-tenant management capabilities, designed for MSPs.
  • Multi-site management to easily create and manage customer tenant sites from a single pane of glass.
  • Advanced security visibility across all managed tenant sites lets you quickly drill down to a specific device or threat.
  • 30-day client trials provisioned directly from the Site Manager console.
VIPRE Endpoint Security Cloud 
Powered by next-generation advanced machine learning and real-time behavior analysis, VIPRE Endpoint Cloud protects against ransomware, zero-day attacks, phishing, exploit kits and other malware that easily evade traditional signature-based antivirus.
  • Top-rated anti-malware solution with zero-day and unknown threat prevention.
  • Fast deployment with clear, easy-to-understand policies and configuration settings.
  • Interactive visibility gives you a broader, deeper view of computing environments to easily identify compromised hosts.
VIPRE Endpoint Security Server
Ultimate protection against emerging threats, zero-days and ransomware with additional enterprise-class device control and third party patching features to maximize system performance and simplicity for multiple layers of malware defense.
  • Integrated patch management ensures installed third party applications are up to date and secure against exploit kits delivering ransomware and data-stealing payloads.
  • Removable device control and encryption limits the risk presented by introducing infected devices to the network and keep your data out of the wrong hands with encryption.
VIPRE Email Security Products

VIPRE Email Security Cloud
VIPRE Email Security and suite of add-on solutions, delivered from the convenience of cloud-based architecture, is the secure choice for today’s pervasive email threats.
  • All inbound messages are scanned for viruses, malware and other suspicious content.
  • Outbound filtering can be enabled for an additional layer of protection.
  • VIPRE SLA guarantees 100% virus protection and at least 99.9% spam prevention, with less than 0.01% false positives.
Email Security Attachment Sandboxing
VIPRE’s Behavioral Determination Engine (BDE) is an artificial intelligence engine that uses machine learning to evaluate unknown attachments for potentially malicious behavior, used for true zero-day threats with no prior detection history.
  • Isolated sandbox provides a protected environment to observe actual suspect activity of attachment samples, including remote downloads of additional malicious content.
  • The BDE leverages a machine learning model trained on millions of malware samples to detect zero-day, polymorphic, and advanced persistent threats with high accuracy.
Email Security Phishing Protection
Automatic bad URL detection and blocking defends against links becoming weaponized after they pass through spam and virus filters.
  • Replaces URLs within email messages to enable click-time re-scanning of potentially malicious content.
  • Provides additional visibility and training to users that click on weaponized links.
Email Security Archiving
Fast and easy archiving with custom management rules.
  • All email content is securely stored, fully indexed, and easily searchable.
  • Supports disaster recovery and legal discovery requirements while conforming to privacy rules.
Email Security Encryption
Compliance with convenience for email confidentiality and security.
  • Securely deliver sensitive information to only the intended recipients through a branded, encrypted email portal.
  • Simple, transparent usage with no special requirements imposed on the recipient.

VIPRE Attachment Sandboxing, Phishing Protection, Archiving and Encryption are additional services and all require VIPRE Email Security Cloud as a prerequisite.

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User Reviews

  • Samuel Draeger, SupportProbe
    we love VIPRE and now with the new plugin in Labtech it is even better as we don't have to manage everything from the VIPRE Server
    Date: 10/20/2016 3:07 PM
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