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Product Overview

QuickLaunch is driving identity management at 500+ organizations across the globe while improving profitability by taking its solutions to their joint customers/partners. Differentiate your offering and help customers meet their IAM and security goals by offering exclusive range of solutions such as Single Sign-On, Self-Service Password Manager with MFA, Adaptive Authentication, User Self-Registration, Cloud Directory, User Provisioning, and AI-Powered Chatbot.

QuickLaunch enables MSPs to leverage:

  • Optimized user experience
  • Self Service capabilities
  • Automated workflows
  • Reduced Help Desk workload
  • Added layers of security
  • Increased productivity
  • Accelerated and simplified on-boarding

QuickLaunch enables MSPs and their customers to provide one-click secure access to multiple applications such as Connectwise Manage, Oracle PeopleSoft, Office 365 and many others, all while enabling security via multi-factor adaptive authentication. Smart Password Manager allows users to reset lost/forgotten passwords using multiple factors of authentication (Email, SMS, Security Questions, Yubikey, Google Authenticator, Mobile Push etc.). A user can reset lost/forgotten password without the intervention of IT help desk, thereby saving password reset costs and precious IT man hours.

MSPs and their customers can also automate user onboarding/offboarding in Real Time. Organizations can eliminate custom scripts and streamline user provisioning from source of truth to target applications and vice versa. Organizations can eliminate the practice of sending default passwords through welcome letters. Users can setup their security profile and password when they login to the system for the first time. With QuickLaunch Automated Provisioning, organizations can remove manual processes, reduce dependency on spreadsheets, while increasing security, compliance, and accuracy across the systems.

Product Highlights & Key Features:

  • Single Sign On - one click access to all of your applications with an optimized user experience
  • Smart Password Manager - enable self-service password reset and reduce your calls to the Help Desk
  • Multi-factor Authentication - identify suspicious activity and increase security with added authentication methods
  • User Provisioning - automate provisioning/de-provisioning workflows leveraging role-based access
  • Cloud based - offered in AWS cloud with 24x7 support
  • Easy to Configure - expedited implementations leveraging step by step configurations
  • In Depth Integration - API based integrations with ConnectWise Manage provides seamless operations

QuickLaunch works with the products you trust. QuickLaunch's app catalog includes over 1000+ pre-built app integrations. We support standards like SAML, CAS, OAuth, Shibboleth, and OpenID Connect, enabling integration of most apps.
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ConnectWise Manage ConnectWise Manage


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QuickLaunch's ConnectWise Manage Integration is certified via the ConnectWise Invent Program. If you need assistance with creating API members or integration setup please send a note to and the ConnectWise Manage support team can assist. For any other questions with this integration, please contact the QuickLaunch team directly to resolve any issues.

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