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Product Overview

Notify’s MobileRMM™ platform provides MSPs with the mobile device management (MDM) functionality they need to support their customer’s iOS and Android smart phones and tablets regardless of whether they are company or personally owned. Designed as a cloud based multi-tenant platform for MSPs and IT service providers to provide a mobile managed service offering to their customers. The MobileRMM platform is unique in that it provides an API level integration to ConnectWise Manage that supports billing, trouble ticketing, asset tracking, and real time updating of mobile device configuration data. Notify’s MobileRMM Partner program provides support for monthly billing, volume discounts, license management, responsive technical support, and comprehensive product training.

MobileRMM™ Platform Features

The MobileRMM platform was designed to make mobile device management functionality easy to implement and maintain.  Each organization configured on the multi-tenant MobileRMM platform will have their own admin console. Multiple admins can be assigned within an organization and each admin can have different or similar access permissions as defined by their role.

Access to all management services including device enrollment, policy creation, application management, device inventory, device real-time statistics  and much more are provided by straightforward dashboard displays.

Achieving Total Endpoint Management

Many MSPs are now looking to add additional services to their portfolio of managed services. Their RMM platform provides end point management for laptops, servers, networking, and possibly other types of hardware and software. What seems to be missing is management of their customers smart phones and tablets.  Mobile device usage has increased annually to the point that each one of their customers more than likely has as many smartphones and tablets as they do desktop and laptop PC’s.

Unlike basic RMM platform functionality, iOS and Android smart phones and tablets requires a different set of management interfaces required by Apple and Google.

Using both MobileRMM and their current RMM platform, an MSP will now have all the tools to provide their customers with – Total Endpoint Management by adding a mobility managed service.


ConnectWise PSA


Currently this vendor is not Certified under ConnectWise Invent.  Please reach out directly to the vendor for integration implementation and/or support.

User Reviews

  • Paul Blough, Blough Tech
    We've really enjoyed working with NotifyMDM. They have a very personal touch and their product is well suited for the SMB market that we focus on. It's very affordable and a real time saver for supporting mobile devices.
    Date: 2/10/2020 2:52 PM
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