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Product Overview

Liongard’s Configuration Change Detection & Response Platform alerts MSPs when things change, so they’re never caught by surprise. Inspect the systems you manage from cloud to endpoints. Streamline all of your critical system configuration data into a centralized platform that allows you to effortlessly audit, assess, and proactively respond to your customers’ security, cyber insurance, and compliance needs.


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Currently this vendor is not Certified under ConnectWise Invent.  Please reach out directly to the vendor for integration implementation and/or support.

User Reviews

  • Richard Markeson, Integrated Axis
    We have been looking to make the investment into maturing our documentation process and Liongard is our choice. We needed the ability to stay on top of changes and additions to environments and Liongard is that automation we were missing. Great people to work with!!!
    Date: 10/22/2019 1:08 PM
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  • Andrew stafford, Concise Technologies
    Like a lot of MSP's we have been looking into automating as much of our documentation as possible to save time and also make it accurate and up to date. Roar assists with a lot of that. Especially things you cannot install an agent on e.g. Office 365. As well as automating documentation there are also the useful metrics and alerts to help with tracking changes. The support is also excellent.
    Date: 10/21/2019 5:55 AM
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  • Steven Simon, Juern Technology
    The guys at Liongard are absolute magicians. Watch out, Chris Angel! If you're looking to make the management of your customers easier, more transparent, and more efficient; get Liongard now. Stop wondering, deliberating, or whatever else you're doing and buy Liongard.
    Date: 10/18/2019 2:30 PM
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  • Everett Odom, Everett Odom, Bellwether Technology
    The Liongard team and the Roar platform are bridging the gap between automation and documentation. Their openness to feedback and Ideas portal ensure that they are providing a product that MSP's of any size need and can use with ease. Their energetic team does a great job of keeping up with what is clearly a massive volume of ideas. The constant progression of the Roar tool and its ever expanding capabilities make it exciting to work with.
    Date: 10/18/2019 8:19 AM
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  • Dan Baird, paronubi
    The tool is excellent and the onboarding and support from the Liongard team is fantastic. I am excited about the direction of this service and can't wait to see what is next!
    Date: 4/13/2019 6:52 PM
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  • Kyle Maguire, Empyrion Technologies
    Liongard thrives in the area of on-boarding new clients. Their automated product really helps us move quickly with its integration with ITGlue and ConnectWise. Liongard has a strong on-boarding process. They will literally hold your hand for a good experience. Not that we really need it. But there willing to do it. Their support is very strong, and responsive. We enjoy growing with them, and always keeping our eyes out for new inspectors!
    Date: 2/22/2019 6:10 PM
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  • Bryan J. Luce, SynchroNet
    The Liongard Roar product provides great data collection across all managed services assets we are responsible for. Their support team is also very responsive and works directly with developers when and where needed. They have a great feature release cadence with new features that I enjoy upon each release. The Liongard team is in tune with the MSP community and are boots on ground to identify what features are needed in the future.
    Date: 9/28/2018 11:24 AM
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  • JC Carr, Portsmouth Computer Group
    Liongard has been great to work with. Their partner success managers and technical leads have been very responsive and take customer suggestions to heart. The product itself not only gathers and compiles information after configuration, but the versioning is a key feature that I appreciate, especially when it comes to things like DNS and firewall configurations. I don't have to worry about having the latest config. I know Roar has it and is pushing it into my documentation repository.
    Date: 8/28/2018 3:56 PM
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  • Jared Miller, Doberman Technologies, LLC
    Roar is a product ready to fill the gaps in your heterogeneous stack. Roar makes following processes easy by bringing many wells of information together. Roar allows an MSP of any size to do change tracking. This is something that none of our competition is doing at our level or at this scale. Roar empowers us to see what happened, and when, across many different vendors. Something never achieved before at this scale and price point. Let the competition hear you Roar.
    Date: 8/28/2018 12:09 PM
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  • Vince Kent, cloudIT, LLC
    The challenge most of us face as an MSP is we have all of these amazing tools but the techs on the front lines struggle keeping up with them when they really need it. Liongard automates the documentation process and delivers all of that data in a central location leaving our technical resource to do what they do best and that is fix client issues. It has been a pleasure working with them and I couldn't recommend them highly enough.
    Date: 8/27/2018 7:56 PM
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  • Austin Timberlake, Strategic Solutions of Virginia
    The team at Liongard is great and they all have a positive energy when it comes to their work. They are all very friendly and open to suggestions about the product as well. They definitely want to help you and your business succeed, and are capable of greatly assisting any MSP with their documentation.
    Date: 8/2/2018 10:23 AM
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