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Picture of Gozynta Mobius Standard

Gozynta Mobius Standard

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Product Overview

What Gozynta Mobius does is as easy as A, Bee, C. It connects ConnectWise Manage to QuickBooks Online. When invoices are created in Manage, Gozynta Mobius can copy them to QuickBooks Online. When payments are created against those invoices in QuickBooks Online, it copies those payments to Manage. In addition, it copies expenses and inventory information from Manage to QuickBooks Online. You need to be a busy bee to get all that data inputted and up to date. Gozynta Mobius does it in a click.

Simple batching process
Choose the type of transaction you want to send over (Invoices, Expenses, Inventory, or ALL), and click Submit. Done.

Is 2 clicks too many? We'll give you zero-click. Upgrade to our Standard plan, turn on auto-sync, and we'll batch over your transactions automatically in the background while you do other things.

Need more control? Individually select which transactions you want to batch over. One at a time or a thousand at a time, we've got you covered.

Unlimited is our favorite word
Rather than nickel and diming you to death, all of our paid plans allow for unlimited transactions.
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • Unlimited Expenses
  • Unlimited Payments
  • Even Unlimited QuickBooks Companies
Computer time is cheap, people time isn't. If you run 1 transaction or 1,000 transactions it doesn't cost us vastly more, but developing, maintaining, and supporting features is expensive. That's why our pricing is based on the features available in a particular plan and not usage.

Get paid your way
Automatic payment sync
All of our plans feature automatic payment sync. You receive your payments in QuickBooks, and we'll enter them into Manage for you.

We play nice with payment platforms
Want to use QuickBooks built-in payment engine? Send your invoices from QuickBooks and your customers can click on the link to pay online. We have a process that makes it easy.

Want to automatically charge your customers on your schedule instead of theirs? Our auto-sync ensures that the invoice is in QuickBooks in time for you to receive payment. Great for ConnectBooster users.

What features are included in Gozynta Mobius Standard?
Visit to see the complete list of features.


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User Reviews

  • Patti Jones, Telsco
    We have been using Gozynta for 1.5 years now to integrate with our Quickbooks Online. It is one of the software's that I rarely have to worry about - it runs with little to no effort or issues. It is simple to configure, and make changes if needed. The Gozynta support team is always fast to respond whenever we do have an issue (which is extremely rare) and answer questions. It has already had a number of enhancements since we implemented - my favorite being the auto sync. I recommend them!
    Date: 12/14/2020 10:26 AM
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