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Product Overview

Designed specifically for MSPs, Datagate allows you to bill telecom services optimally at minimal time and cost. Datagate is the online billing portal that integrates with software that’s important to MSPs, including ConnectWise Manage, the best telecom tax engines, and popular accounting systems like QuickBooks and Xero. Datagate has everything required to make billing telecommunications easy, quick, profitable, and compliant, in a single SaaS package. Eliminate re-keying, automate rating and simplify the billing of all telecommunications services – including unified communications, VoIP, tolls, cellular, data plans and other usage-based and subscription services.

Datagate integrates with ConnectWise Manage and other PSA software, tax engines, popular accounting systems including QuickBooks and Xero, and various payment gateways including ConnectBooster, Stripe and Combined with our integrations and our network of tax and compliance partners, Datagate delivers an integrated, automated telecom billing and payments machine that mostly runs itself. Datagate makes it easy to view bills within the ConnectWise Manage environment, send bills automatically into your accounting system and never rekey customer details and invoices.

Datagate’s easy-to-use online portal connects to virtually any Telecom Provider or PBX allowing you to automatically rate usage data. Virtually any style of telecom plan is supported – including fixed price plans, international rating, toll free rating, bundling, overages, seats and cost recovery charges. We also integrate with the best telecom tax engines, ensuring every Datagate-generated invoice is 100% compliant. Invoicing can be completed in just a few steps, saving you countless hours every month with our scalable solution.

Built on Microsoft Azure, Datagate is scalable to meet the billing requirements of most MSPs, regardless of location and size of business. ConnectWise customer details are shared with Datagate and Datagate-generated invoices are passed through to ConnectWise. Datagate invoices are then passed through ConnectWise to the accounting system, along with ConnectWise-generated invoices, without the need for rekeying. Staff have a complete picture of the customer’s telecom invoices and agreements from within ConnectWise Manage. Use Datagate to take ownership and control of your telecommunications business. You control the pricing plans, you choose the vendors and you bill under your own brand.

Business benefits
  • Own & control your own telecoms business
  • Be the single source ICT provider to your customers
  • Bundle multiple services onto a single invoice
  • Datagate self-service customer portal reduces admin workload
  • Easily comply with complicated tax compliance requirements
Key features
  • Accounting, tax & payment system integration
  • Integrated with ConnectWise Manage
  • Integrated with popular telecom tax engines, including Avalara, CCH SureTax and Compliance Solutions.
  • Automated aggregation of data from multiple suppliers
“The service and support from Datagate is excellent. They’ve proven to be a reliable and strategic business partner for us and they help make the complex job of telecommunications billing and compliance easy.” Dimension4 Principal, Anthony Zabit

Visit to see Datagate at work.
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Currently this vendor is not Certified under ConnectWise Invent.  Please reach out directly to the vendor for integration implementation and/or support.

User Reviews

  • Eric Wakkuri, Eric Wakkuri
    We have been using Datagate for years and have found many improvements in our business processes. The primary reason we made the switch to Datagate was for our telephony/VoIP billing to sync the invoicing data to Connectwise. Prior to Datagate we had to manually enter data each month which was not scalable. We also had several monthly compliance reporting requirements that took a great deal of time to put together and Datagate’s reporting greatly simplified that process and saved us many hours p
    Date: 10/21/2020 5:10 PM
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  • Bob Bascom, Charleston Telecom Solutions, LLC
    Since I started using Datagate for my Telecom rating and billing, it has improved my business workflow in the following areas: - Single view of my Accounts Receivables - both Hosted VoIP as well as miscellaneous invoices such as wiring, equipment now are QuickBooks. - Single point of entry for customer data - ConnectWise is now the main depository of customer data and synchronizes with both Datagate & QuickBooks. - Unified Credit card processing. -
    Date: 10/9/2020 4:14 PM
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  • Greg Barber, Ayone Computers
    This is an easy-to-use, uncomplicated telecoms billing platform. We have found Datagate to have great level of accuracy. Detailed bills can be emailed directly to customers, or customers can access bills via your own whitelabelled customer portal. Customers can also monitor their own usage from the portal, minimising billing queries. One of the great things about Datagate is they handle the supplier feeds to ensure accurate datafeeds which can easily be rerated for customer invoices
    Date: 11/2/2017 7:48 PM
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