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Product Overview

Protecting every computer, user and thing under the sun

The Cylance team embarked on a mission to create a robust security solution that can successfully counter both known and unknown cyberattacks.

The result is a solution that leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a proactive and predictive solution with higher efficacy that also performs with minimal updates, fewer system resources, and limited network and user impact.

Cylance also offers consulting services to help institute best practices for prevention, network architecture, internal IR workflows, vulnerability and patch management, and assessment of both internal hosts and externally facing services that attackers use to gain foothold.

True prevention technology with applied artificial intelligence is the future of security, and Cylance provides seamless and silent attack prevention with zero reliance on signatures, the cloud, and reputation lookups.


AI Driven Threat Protection. Get in front of malicious cyberattacks with the data science driven power of artificial intelligence. CylancePROTECT works where most attacks occur - at the endpoint - for better efficacy, faster resolution, and less disruption.

Stop the Unknown: Prevents both known and unknown malware pre-execution
Rapid Deployment: Deploys quicker than traditional solutions, with less effort
Light Performance: Lightweight agent uses only a fraction of processing power
Faster Protection: Prevents attacks in milliseconds
Predict to Prevent: Identifies and stops attacks before they can even start
Eliminate Signatures: No interruptions for signature updates or slow scans
Device Approval: Control device access to eliminate external threats
Zero-Day Attacks: AL model prevents zero-day payloads from executing

The Cylance Predictive Advantage. SE Labs tested CylancePROTECT in an offline environment against major threats in the wild. Using our AI model from May 2015, SE Labs collected and tested threats from February 2016 to November 2017. The results demonstrate CylancePROTECT users would have been safe from the zero-day attacks even if they had not updated their software for up to two years, nine months.


Prevent. Detect. Respond. CylanceOPTICS uses machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and prevent widespread security incidents, providing consistent visibility, targeted threat hunting, and fast incident response.
Machine Learning Driven EDR. CylanceOPTICS shifts the demands of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) strategy by eliminating distracting, redundant processes while opening up smarter detection and response capabilities - all while using just a fraction of your technological and human resources.
Full Spectrum Threat Prevention. AI driven threat prevention and purpose-built attack mitigation capabilities prevent more successful attacks than legacy products, and dramatically reduce alert volume from the entire endpoint security stack.
Gain Situational Awareness. Understand where threats may exist in your environment automatically, with the added benefit of on-demand threat hunting across your enterprise to gain deeper insights.
Automated Incident Response. Automated response capabilities ensure threats are not left to run wild across your enterprise. When a threat is detected, your system takes immediate action without human intervention.
AI Incident Prevention. Powered by machine learning threat detection modules, CylanceOPTICS continuously analyzes changes occurring on each endpoint to uncover and prevent incidents that would evade standard static behavior rules.
Forensic Data Collection. Interact with endpoints to retrieve advanced sets of forensic data, execute scripts, or applications to reduce investigation time of suspicious activities.

MSP Benefits

Integration with ConnectWise Automate: This provides the ability to implement, manage, and monitor CylanceProtect
Multi-Tenant Console: This is a truly multi-tenant platform which provides a single view of all customers with Role Based Access and logging.
Automated Billing: Offers the ability to pay up front in annual increments or monthly in arrears. Requires no Infrastructure: No servers, No databases, No repositories
Dramatically Less Network Requirements:  AI model resides on the device, No large file uploads
Lower Impact on Devices: Smaller footprint (<60MB), Less CPU utilization (1-3% of PC processing power), less memory consumption, no performance robbing full disk scans
Decrease the Amount of Security Related Applications: Eliminate legacy signature-based technology running on devices
Return on Investment from IT Support: Reduce the amount of support tickets and instances of device reimaging

Looking for the latest information on our partnership with Blackberry? Check out our Investor Highlights here

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User Reviews

  • Robert May, HiTech
    Cylance blocks Automate from running. Unless you disable half the reason you wanted Cylance for in the first place. Don't ask for help, the solution is to ask for an enhancement!
    Date: 8/16/2021 3:24 PM
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  • Ross Camardo, Framework
    The Plugin is useful for deployments and that works fine. The issue really comes from its not useful for anything much else. The plugin doesn't seem to return any data so the page for overview is useless. The plugin looks like development was stopped and it hasn't been updated in a while and the documentation is not correct to the current version. I really would love to see this move forward but for now its only useful for deployment.
    Date: 4/21/2021 2:53 PM
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