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  • ConnectWise Manage Certified

Product Overview

Finally, a phone service fully integrated with ConnectWise Manage– and free for a whole year to MSPs! Make inbound and outbound calls right from ConnectWise Manage. We create pop-up tickets and customer records when you get a call from a client.  After the call, we update Manage with the client’s name and length of the conversation. So at the end of the month, you can run reports and see how much time your technicians are spending with each client.

We have also integrated our partner portal and service with ConnectWise Manage. You can create quotes, activate, and manage clients easily. 

You are losing customers over something that could easily be your best marketing tool. Every day, current customers and prospects call you with questions and issues. How many of them hang up and give up in frustration? We are flipping that nightmare upside down by integrating your phone system with ConnectWise Manage in such a united and intuitive way that it will now become your best marketing and customer satisfaction tool.

From now on, your documentation trail will be fast and solid, your staff’s most annoying tasks will become automated, and your – and your customers’ – time will be spent on the really important things, with markedly less aggravation (and saving you thousands of dollars in the process).  As you know from experience, every customer interaction event must be recorded in ConnectWise Manage but not always is – creating all sorts of easily avoidable problems. With Callture, this integration will be automatic, without a need for a second thought from you.

General benefits:

  •          Business phone service designed for any business to appear as a successful large enterprise
  •          Fully and seamlessly integrated with ConnectWise
  •          Automating a number of processes, saving your staff hours

Improve the efficiency of every team: Support, Sales, and even Customer Service
Are your staff manually logging calls? How “happy” does this make them? With Callture, each call will automatically be logged into ConnectWise along with key information, like the people on the call, duration, tickets created, notes, and more. This empowers your staff to solve client problems and sell additional services in seconds - using the rich dossier of information instantly at their fingertips.

More calls – more success
Use our click-to-dial function with any webpage and in any list view of ConnectWise. Same goes for your inbox or if you are working from a spreadsheet. Any number is clickable – making a frustrating task easy and your staff’s time more effectively spent.

Know who is calling you
This wealth of information at your fingertips allows your staff members to always come off as true experts. The information instantly loaded from ConnectWise about the callers and your previous interactions with them allows your staff to quickly jump into solving their problem and suggesting your company’s other relevant products.

Next level analytics
With our automatic sync between your calls and ConnectWise, your reports become much more detailed and thus more valuable. See both the big picture and the most nuanced details. Know what works and what doesn’t. Use these actionable insights to maximize customer revenue and satisfaction across the board.

The features you always wanted

  • You don’t even need to be logged into ConnectWise Manage or have your computer turned on – all calls are automatically logged into Manage 24/7.
  • Any webpage now allows you to click-to-dial. You will not believe there was a time when a phone link was not clickable. (Only in the Google Chrome Browser.)
  • The most intuitive interface – essentially no learning curve.
  • Full Call History for reviewing calls made and received.

Features as a partner

  • Manage all tickets in one place: All customer tickets are synchronized with ConnectWise Manage.
  • Tickets associated with an incoming call pop up automatically on the agent’s screen.
  • Just one click to open a quote from ConnectWise Manage, and all new sales information is stored there for reliable records and easy access.
  • One click to get into any client dashboard. Faster access for when you need it.
  • Every call can be logged into ConnectWise Manage: Called number, Start time, Duration, and End time are logged.
  • Every call can be recorded and the recording can be accessed within ConnectWise Manage.
  • Click on any phone number on a web page to call it.
Automatic Quote sync Call logs Ticket Sync


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Callture's ConnectWise Manage Integration is certified via the ConnectWise Invent Program. If you need assistance with integration implementation, contact Callture directly by calling 1-844-333-1133 or send an email to  One of the Callture integration specialists will be in touch to assist.

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