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ConnectWise Insights

TimeZest | Gain Control With Scheduling Automation

At the end of the day, we all like to have control over our destinies - and, in our working lives, that means having control over our calendars. At TimeZest, we’ve seen the powerful results that come with our seamless scheduling automation solution, so we’re firm believers, but one of the top areas of concern we hear from prospective clients is a fear of giving up their calendar autonomy. The happy truth is: for our user community of over 1,000 MSPs, automated scheduling sets them free, giving them back efficiency, valuable time, eliminating no-shows, and boosting client satisfaction.

How Your Tech Stack Impacts Employee Retention

The Great Resignation has given employees a better idea of the type of work environment they prefer. If their employer won’t budge on flexibility, they’re willing to switch jobs to achieve it. If you’re not yet discussing how you can combat turnover, it’s time to make this a priority.

MSP Recruiting and Retaining in Today’s Competitive Job Market

Employee turnover is inevitable, but there are some strategic, proactive actions you can take to attract and retain top technical talent, even in today’s job market. Let’s first consider your approach to recruitment and hiring. Are you waiting until you have a position to fill? Unsurprisingly, that approach puts you behind other companies in today’s job market and will make it more difficult to hire great people with high potential. If you’re not sure where to start, read on.

Easy automated billing for voice and data services with Emersion for ConnectWise Manage

Voice and data services are an excellent addition to the service offering of any MSP. It’s an easy upsell and helps your company generate greater revenues without needing to acquire additional clients, while also providing an essential service that can be a major driver of customer satisfaction.

Nine KPIs that Can Raise (or Lower) Your MSP’s Value

Do you know what your IT services business is worth? That may seem like a loaded question, and the answer may vary based on a variety of factors, but relatively few MSPs can provide an accurate, instantaneous assessment of their firm’s true market value. Would you know the difference between a fair and low-ball price if someone made you an offer right now? The truth is, many business owners in that situation might not accurately assess the value of the opportunity.

Cybersecurity Risks for MSPs and How to Address Them

The managed service provider (MSP) sector has seen strong growth since 2019. Indeed, 81% of MSPs across the globe reported an increase in their client base during this period, according to a recent Kaspersky study. Moreover, almost everyone surveyed (94%) expects this trajectory to continue, predicting revenues will increase over the next two years.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Third Wall and Whalley Computer Associates Spotlight

October is Cyber Security awareness month. Cyber threats and acts of exploitation are becoming more and more prevalent every day with MSPs being one of the highest targets for bad actors to attack. I had the opportunity to sit down with one of our Invent vendors, Third Wall, and mutual partner of ConnectWise and Third Wall, Walley Computer Associates to discuss the security solutions MSPs need to have in place to build the best defense against cybercriminals.

ConnectStrat 5P Business Growth Series

ConnectStrat is excited to present in the business track at IT Nation Connect this year in what we call our 5P Business Growth Series! What are the 5Ps? People, Priorities, Performance, Process, and Perspective. Each of these items represents a key set of foundational tools that form the major growth building blocks we teach in our ITSP-focused system.

How to Attract Better Customers and Qualified Referrals with NPS Data

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) gives you access to relational insights. Whereas the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) survey gauges individual metrics (i.e. how a singular interaction went), NPS gives you a satisfaction overview spanning the entire relationship. You should collect both in tandem in order to paint an accurate picture (and ultimately improve) the customer experience.

Accounting Automation for the Modern MSP

A growing MSP business can quickly begin to see manual accounting practices be a drain on productivity. Adding new customers, offering new services and selling into new territories and via new channels are all exciting growth opportunities for a business, but being able to manage the accounting complexities that come along with these growth opportunities can be a drain on resources.