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Integrate Your Security Stack to Protect Your House

You have a stack of security tools to protect your business and your clients. Are you leveraging these tools to their fullest potential to ensure you have a resilient, powerful defense against potential threats?

ConnectWise colleague Wes Spencer hosted a webinar with Perch, Webroot, Third Wall and Traceless that focused on connecting the layers of your security solutions for the strongest stack possible to protect your house and safeguard against bad actors.

Take a read for a recap on the webinar and to learn how each of these solutions is a strong defense by itself, but more resilient as an integrated security stack together.

First up, Webroot. We were joined by Shane Cooper of Webroot to discuss the powerful solution Webroot offers. Shane kicked us off by reviewing the features of Webroot's Advanced Endpoint Security Agent. Here’s what he highlighted:

  • 5 MB agent, no definition or signature updates, scans in seconds*
  • On or off-network protection with no software conflicts
  • Fully installed and operational in 60* seconds
  • Individual endpoint monitoring and journaling of unknown files/processes
  • Multi-vector threat shielding with infection rollback auto-remediation
  • Malicious script protection. NEW – Foreign Code Shield
  • Complete endpoint agent management via 40+ remote commands
  • Direct access to Bright Cloud Threat Intelligence
  • Automatic updates with advanced shields

Webroot doesn't stop with an advanced agent. They have comprehensive security offerings all available on a single integrated platform that combines endpoint protection, DNS protection, security awareness training and Bright Cloud threat intelligence. Webroot is fully integrated into ConnectWise Automate and Manage and works with Third Wall as an added layer of protection. Ready to learn more? Click here.

Third Wall is our next featured integrator we chatted with on this webinar. Third Wall is a fully-integrated plugin for ConnectWise Automate. It's an easy to use tool to add and customize Operational Cybersecurity. CEO Scott Springer shared the ins and outs of operational cybersecurity and what that means for your organization: Closing down open vulnerabilities. Through Third Wall's sophisticated group policy, scripts and training and awareness, you can help close down potential vulnerabilities. Some key features of Third Wall that Scott highlighted include:

  • 58 easy to apply policies – AUTOMATION
  • 5 minute monitoring / autofix / tickets
  • Exceptions to policies by computer
  • Lockdown – and MORE
  • Detect and stop ransomware
  • Detect and stop brute force logon attack
  • Isolate
  • Lockout
  • Annihilate
  • User Logon Report
  • Audit report

Learn more about Third Wall here.

Dylan Jensen from the Perch team led the conversation about integration with Webroot and Third Wall in addition to sharing the powerful functionality of Perch. Webroot feeds information into Perch such as alert aggregation, correlation, additional monitoring point, and endpoint forensics. Perch and Third Wall tie into each other through endpoint isolation and endpoint remediation. All three tools more powerful as a defense together. 

Some additional value of Perch includes the following:

  • Perch SOC: certified threat analysts do the heavy lifting for users - act alone or with your analysts (co-managed)
  • Perch Web App: see and interact with Perch and SOC as much (or little) as you wish
  • Perch Marketplace: lets you explore and use premade reports and dashboards.

Check out more details about Perch here.

Traceless helped round out our security stack conversation focusing in on securing data and identity. Traceless is available via web browser, supports files and text data and available for anyone to use to send and/or receive sensitive data.  Traceless Co-Founder Gene Reich walked us through the three steps to securing data and identity:

Step 1. Verify the identity of the service requester.
Step 2. Mark requester as verified.
Step 3. Send sensitive data and files securely via Traceless.

Additionally, Traceless has a seamless integration with ConnectWise Manage pods. User identification is verified within Manage and secure sensitive data can then be transferred in moments. Check out more information about Traceless here.

Ensuring you implement an integrated stack of security solutions is critical to protecting your house. Be sure to check out more information about our featured integrated vendors that joined us on this webinar or feel free to drop us a note with any questions or comments:

Click here to download a copy of the presentation. 

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