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Picture of Perch Security Community Defense Platform

Perch Security Community Defense Platform

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Product Overview

Perch is a Community Defense Platform that includes an Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP), Event Logging with next-gen SIEM capability, and a Managed SOC, with no other required products to buy.

Perch Web Application
Our web-based, multi-tenant application works with a Perch Sensor to show any signs of threat activity found on your monitored networks. Both you and your customers have real-time access to view what’s happening.

Perch Sensor
Installed in under an hour, our sensors (physical or virtual machine) are placed inside your firewall and monitor the traffic of a network segment via a TAP or SPAN port. Our technology team can help you select the sensor options that best meets your needs.

Security Operations Center
While you can see and interact with every alert you receive through Perch, our specialized SOC analysts work each alert to validate real threats and identify false positives for you; so you can focus on business (without hiring threat analysts).

See threat activity as it’s detected on your network

Each time you log in, we show you what’s happened since last time you checked Perch: what Perch Security Operations has done for you, and new Community Intel.

Easy access straight from the dashboard:
  • Quick stats
  • Recent Alerts
  • True and false positives
  • Network visibility.

Empower the sharing community

Threat intelligence works best when communities share incident sightings among members. Perch automates sharing, and lets you control what and with whom you share via the Sharing tab. Create your own indicators, and view what you’ve created.

Customize sharing from groups such as:
  • Cisco Talos
  • Emerging Threat Pro (ETP)
  • Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • ISACs/ISAOs and more
The most daunting part of adding an advanced service offering is the potential massive investment incurred from staffing. Leveraging the Perch SOC means you can add staff (and expertise) without adding headount. How? We partner with you, handling threat detection and monitoring so that you can stay focused on driving revenue for your business. After an easy one-hour installation and setup, your network will be monitored by certified analysts. Perch offers a view of raw indicators of compromise so your team can participate; or use it as a window to watch our SOC do the dirty work. Plus, we work with all of your existing endpoint protection and other security products - we never require you to buy any additional solutions or change what you’re already using.


ConnectWise Manage ConnectWise Manage


Perch Security's ConnectWise Manage Integration is certified via the ConnectWise Invent Program.  If you need assistance with creating API members or integration setup please send a note to and the ConnectWise Manage support team can assist. For any other questions with this integration, please visit or contact the Perch Security team directly to resolve any issues.


User Reviews

  • John Kogan, Kraft Kennedy
    Perch IDS and threat intelligence is a fundamental tool in our MSP security program. Now that the SIEM and log management have been added, the tool has become the cornerstone of security service to our clients. The management team and technical team have been a solid partner every step of the way, from inception to implementation. The tool continues to evolve in new and exciting ways. As a partner, I can’t wait to see what new functions and features are next.
    Date: 4/18/2019 10:59 AM
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  • Heath Deutsch, Amnet
    As Perch partners since before the ConnectWise partnership, we couldn't be more excited about the direction Perch is heading! This partnership has only made the product better. We are having a lot of success with the product and Perch makes it very easy to show the value to our clients. The visibility into the whole picture of of clients network traffic has been invaluable in not just securing their networks but even more so in how quickly we are able to respond. The team is second to none.
    Date: 4/9/2019 10:54 AM
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  • Michael Brands, Link High Technologies
    Perch Security's Community Defense Platform is truly an evolution in IDS and threat intelligence in my opinion. Having the ability to incorporate industry specific threat feeds into our security monitoring gives us a definitive advantage when engaging clients in regulated industries such as financial services and healthcare. Beyond the technology, Perch's SOC team has been very diligent and the company overall has been great to work with at every level.
    Date: 11/8/2018 4:43 PM
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