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ConnectWise Insights

Best Practices when Presenting a Monthly Payment Option

When discussing technology upgrades with prospects or clients, don’t wait until the proposal stage to mention financing. Bring it up early and often. Why? Because customers now expect financing as part of the package. Ready to accelerate sales and empower clients to say YES? Read More from GreatAmerica Financial Services :

How do you define & manage a project?

When do you decide that work a managed service client asks for should be spun out as a project? Moovila’s project management experts discuss how to spin up and manage projects.

Webinar Recap: Accounting Automation: Boost Efficiency and Profitability for MSPs

ConnectWise recently hosted a webinar on accounting automation, featuring certified integrators Avalara, Dean Dorton, and Zync. The content focused on how accounting automation can help MSPs to reduce costs, comply with tax obligations, and improve cash flow. If you’d like to watch the recording yourself,you can check it out here. Here are some of the key takeaways:

The 10 Most Phished Brands of 2023

Brand forgery claims hundreds of thousands of victims each year and plays a big role in total losses due to cybercrime each year. Check out the top 10 most phished brands INKY caught in 2023. Brand impersonation is a tactic used in many types of phishing campaigns – Business Email Compromise (BEC), malware and ransomware, account takeovers, and more. Here is a look at INKY’s Top 10 Most Phished Brands of 2023.

Buy Now, Pay Later: How This Retail Trend Helps You Advocate for Financing Solutions with Customers

Like retail shoppers, equipment and software purchasers may be detracted from purchasing the latest equipment because of lack of funds. Using a financing program, like one designed by GreatAmerica Financial Services, allows your customers to readily access the latest and greatest technology equipment at a fraction of its cash value using a delayed payment structure.

How to Minimize Scope Creep

Use Structured Project Planning to Stop Scope Creep in your business. Scope creep is destructive to projects. Misaligned expectations and lack of clear communication contribute to this issue. Prevent it with detailed scopes.

Fortifying Against Ransomware: The Power of the Storage Guardian DR Runbook

Explore the benefits of implementing Storage Guardian's DR Runbook in safeguarding data against the evolving ransomware attacks and malicious actors. Understand the specific cybersecurity challenges SMBs face today and discover how our state-of-the-art solutions enhance organizational resilience against digital threats.

Going beyond IP restrictions: modern security for on-premise MSP tools

Ready for an internal tool security makeover? Learn why smart MSPs are swapping traditional IP restrictions for reverse proxies!

Mastering Incident Management with Tropos Alerts: Your Gateway to Proactive Security

Tropos Alerts is an On-call and Incident Management System. Tropos Alerts comes with built-in support for follow-the-sun schedules, and provides a clean UI for swapping events and users.

When to Talk Pricing in the Sales Process– Qualification or Proposal?

For MSPs, deciding the optimal time to talk pricing with a prospect is difficult. Our friends at GreatAmerica Financial Services share two considerations to optimize that conversation.