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Superpowers give MSPs the power to Win

getKambium, part of the ConnectWise 2022 PitchIt cohort, answers MSPs’ challenge to easily engage more strategically, more consistently and to uncover opportunities within their client base.

That’s why MSPs like ADITS are upgrading their sales engagement and management processes with getKambium.  Like other MSPs around the world, they recognize it gives them the superpowers they need to compete, to uncover opportunities, to better serve their clients and above all, to win!

 The challenge

Every MSP needs a superpower.  We are in increasingly competitive times.
As MSPs, we know our clients have more choices for their IT advice and IT support.

We know the cloud, and the cyber-environment has fundamentally changed our marketplace.   We know our clients use MORE IT, more tools and more apps than ever to succeed, and need expert, strategic services to ensure their IT is designed and supported to support their business needs and objectives.

 Superpowers give MSPs the power to win.

The right superpowers make it easier to retain clients, to win new ones, and to be more efficient, driving down cost.

Here’s three that you want, and that you want to do better than your competitors.

Superpower 1

Imagine being able to present a compelling IT plan or technology roadmap that directly aligns your MSP's work plan to your client’s business plans and objectives? (Especially as such a plan will create revenue opportunities for your MSP)

Most MSPs do a reasonable job of doing this for their top few clients, but it can be hard work and time consuming.

It doesn’t have to be. The right framework and tool makes this quick and easy, so you can have a plan for more of your clients.  Imagine having a compelling IT strategic roadmap for ALL your managed clients and being able to use that plan to guide your relationship with the client.  Even better, imagine if that plan uncovered new sales opportunities in your CRM.

Superpower 2

Most MSP coaching programs tell us that quarterly business reviews (QBRs) are essential. 

From our discussions with MSPs, it is apparent that even though they want to do QBRs regularly, they struggle to achieve it. 

For most MSPs, QBRs don’t happen quarterly, they happen ‘periodically’ or ‘occasionally’, even annually!

We can’t think of a better use of time for an MSP’s sales team than spending it with clients, planning together and ensuring mutual success, making it hard to understand why QBRs are often irregular, so we decided to do some research.

There are TWO main reasons that stop QBRs.  Imagine if it was easy to overcome those – that would be a superpower!

The first reason is simply that QBRs take too long to prepare.  That means that urgent activities get in the way of important ones and preparing a QBR is deferred until the next day, or week, and of course on that day there is always something more pressing that takes priority.  The QBR slips until it is too late.  Imagine if preparing a QBR was quick and easy instead and could be completed in minutes.

The second reason is that they are hard to schedule.  Often the client doesn’t have time, or even worse, they delegate it to someone else within their business, diluting your relationship with their management team.   If your client is delegating your QBRs to someone else, that should be a clue that it isn’t a priority for them, because it doesn’t meet their needs.  Given that we know how important IT is to our clients, then the answer is simply that the QBR doesn’t talk to thing they want to spend time on.  Imagine if your QBR addressed that by focusing on what they prioritize? (Clue – they care about their goals, and how you are helping them achieve those)

“Having interviewed and set a baseline, it is then incredibly easy to prepare for those regular meetings with customers (QBR etc.). The key to this is synchronization with ConnectWise. The ability to pull in ticket information and adjust what the customer sees moving forward is great. What makes it even better is the ability to hone in on just the items that need attention.” Loren VonLintel, Nex-Tech

Compelling QBRs are quick and easy to prepare and purposeful for your client and enhance their business. Being able to do these well is a superpower!

Superpower 3

Few of us enjoy budgeting, but it is a necessary fact of life.  The benefit of a well-prepared QBR is that it provides a guide to your client about their expected IT spend, and a guide to you about what revenue and opportunity you can expect as you plan for your own business.

Having a clear roadmap for each client, with cost expectations, gives exactly that information, and it is a special superpower when the QBR links back to the plan to allow you to keep activities on track with the changing needs in your client.

Knowing what revenue your MSP can expect, and ensuring your clients have budgets and costs they can plan for,  is a superpower.

How do these superpowers help your MSP to compete?

Each of these superpowers helps you to build on your client relationship.  By knowing what is important to them, you build a trusting relationship that will endure.  

Broadening out your interaction with your client to be more than being about tickets and SLAs, and making it about their business makes it much harder for a competitor to upset your relationship.

“In our MSP business, we work to provide IT operational excellence to our customers. getKambium fast tracks our thinking and planning to meet the client's objectives together” Jamie Powter, RiverCity

getKambium makes these superpowers easy!

  • Integrates with ConnectWise to streamline workflows.
  • Creates compelling IT plans aligned to a client’s business needs.
  • Provides a client engagement framework modelled on real-world MSP processes.
  • Enables Account Managers and BDMs to complete Discovery audits in hours, not days, and QBRs in minutes.
  • Allows MSPs to quickly and easily uncover, track and manage new sales opportunities.

getkambium is a versatile sales engagement platform for MSPs to drive sales growth, reduce churn, and lower the cost of sales.

“Nothing else combines sales discovery vCIO and QBR and nothing else starts this early in the sales engagement with a client” Steve Riat, Nex-Tech

 Even better news

It works out of the box.  Setup is minimal.  Yes, you can customize the content and create your own, but you don’t have to.  It is ready to go from the moment you sign up and getKambium will even get on a call and show you around the platform to make it even faster to get to value.

Launched in Australia in August 2022, and the US in November 2022, getKambium is winning accolades from MSPs like ADITS – read their story here

To learn more about getKambium check us out on the ConnectWise Marketplace

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