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Product Overview

This is available to purchase through the ConnectWise Marketplace. Integration to ConnectWise Manage facilitates the notification and resolution of security incidents for ConnectWise Manage users.

Finally a cybersecurity stack you can support in one place. Gone are the days of best of breed point products, it is NOW about best of suite solutions that can reduce your operational expenses and increase your efficiency. Judy Security's comprehensive package, Judy is a multifaceted solution that includes Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Multi-Factor Authentication, Passwordless login, DNS filtering, and advanced features like SIEM +XDR. These tools are integral in facilitating efficient monitoring, detection, and response across both network and cloud. 

Judy goes beyond just technological defenses. It integrates Security Awareness Training and Automated Compliance modules, ensuring that your clients' staff are not just well-informed but also that their business maintains ongoing compliance with relevant regulations. This human-centric approach is vital in an era where employee awareness is as important as technical safeguards. At the heart of Judy Security's offering is the Judy Control Center. This purpose built, user-friendly interface stands out as a central hub for advanced multi-tenant reporting, analytics, and guided cybersecurity strategies. It offers essential insights and comprehensive threat analysis, which are critical for enhancing security management and optimizing workflow efficiency. By combining technological prowess with user education and a centralized management system, Judy Security offers a robust defense mechanism against the increasing threat of AI-enabled cyber attacks, ensuring your clients business stays secure in a rapidly changing digital world.
Please Download our Judy Security FAQs for MSPs


ConnectWise PSA


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Judy Security's ConnectWise PSA Integration is certified via the ConnectWise Invent Program.  If you need assistance with creating API members or
integration setup please send a note to and the ConnectWise support team can assist. For any other questions, 
please contact the Judy Security team directly at to resolve any issues.

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