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GreatAmerica Financial Services

GreatAmerica Financial Services

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  • ConnectWise PSA Certified

Product Overview

GreatAmerica Financial Services brings the As-A-Service model to solution providers without the risk and cash flow impact of HaaS. MSPs who want to standardize, remove CapEx objections, and achieve positive cash flow can meet these goals with Hardware as a Rental® or HaaR®. GreatAmerica Financial also provides equipment financing.

Hardware as a Rental or HaaR® combines the best attributes of Hardware as a Service (HaaS) and equipment financing to provide your customers with a one-invoice solution for all hardware, software, installation and services. MSPs who adopt HaaR are more frequently standardizing their stack leading to higher service margins, bigger managed services contracts, improved cash flow and happier clients. We pay you upfront for the hardware, and bill your client monthly for equipment and service. You get your monthly recurring revenue as soon as the client pays their bill.

Simplify the financing process with ConnectWise CPQ. GreatAmerica pricing is built into CPQ to give you the ability to price monthly payments for the hardware and projects you are providing. This allows you to bundle your monthly recurring service charges to provide your customer with a single monthly payment for all the products and services you provide. Now you can also submit the credit application from CPQ with one click and get updates on the stage of their finance application without ever leaving CPQ.


Solution providers using GreatAmerica say it's easier for their customers to say “yes” to their proposals when there is a monthly payment option. Give your customers the ability to consume your full suite of products and services with a single monthly payment.


ConnectWise PSA


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GreatAmerica's ConnectWise Manage Integration is certified via the ConnectWise Invent Program.  If you need assistance with creating API members or integration setup please send a note to and the ConnectWise Manage support team can assist. For any other questions with this integration, please contact the GreatAmerica team directly to resolve any issues.

User Reviews

  • Linsey Wall, Current Technologies USA
    Working with Great America and their leasing options has been so easy compared to other companies. And the fact that they will intergrate directly with Sell has made quoting an absolute breeze. Justin is a Sell template wizard! I highly recommend Great America as a partner if you use Connectwise Manage and Sell.
    Date: 4/8/2024 10:12 PM
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  • Becki Brosius, Standley Systems
    Working with Great America is always a joy. Their staff is some of the most friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful group of people. I have worked with them on several things over many years and the experience has always been excellent. The most recent project was our integration from ConnectWise into Great America and it went off without a hitch. Truly an Amazing group of people.
    Date: 5/13/2022 6:23 PM
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  • Tom Volante, Tom Volante, Centaris
    Working with Great America and their staff has been a very pleasant experience. Jackie and Justin have guided us through every step to understand how to use leasing in Sell, and have very good instructions on how to set it up and use it. We really like the easy integration into Sell and Manage which makes it very easy to use. We look forward to a great partnership with them to expand this side of the business. I highly recommend this product,
    Date: 5/12/2022 7:17 AM
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  • Rebecca Dominguez, Overwatch Group, LLC
    When we began working with GreatAmerica, I didn't know much about the leasing process and definitely had no clue how to include leasing options on our Sell quotes. Taylor and Justin have reached out multiple times since we signed up less than a month ago - from going through the leasing process step-by-step, setting up the quote terms in Sell, configuring the ConnectWise integration, and even revisions to our Sell quote templates. They are very responsive and a great partner to work with!
    Date: 9/2/2021 3:07 PM
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  • Jeff Kosek, Element Technology
    We've had an excellent experience with Great America! We had been creating several custom Sell financing solutions with a consultant from ConnectWise and got really wonky. Then we found GA and the integration was SO easy. Justin is crazy knowledgeable about Manage and Sell, more than CW techs. The entire team, Taylor, Michelle, Justin are responsive, polite and are bringing value to Element. I believe we an leverage GA for additional value, such as training, networking and more. Excellent work!
    Date: 4/28/2021 10:52 AM
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  • Joe Sargent, PDS Consulting
    I have worked with Quin and Justin on multiple occasions. The customer service and assistance they are willing to provide helped me provide more options to our clients and learn more about how to configure Sell and manage my templates. Thank you for the assistance.
    Date: 1/5/2021 4:14 PM
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  • Dana Carlson, KelleyConnect
    The service and attention to detail that we received was bar none. We were adding a leasing option to our sales proposals and changing our company integration. There were many revisions and questions on our end and each time Justin worked to resolve the problem, meet our needs and leave the door open for further help if needed. It's unusual to find a company that offers this level of support and an analyst that is so incredible to work with.
    Date: 7/28/2020 11:51 AM
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  • Pricilla Czarny, Liberty Technology, Inc.
    In regards to the Great America and CW Sell integration, thank goodness Great America has a wealth of knowledge and a full resource pool to have the ability to support us users with our needs. Great America engineers can assist in any capacity with back end configs of "all things CW Sell". The availability, access and ease of that that resource alone is an extremely large value add to working with this amazing company! Can not say enough good about Great America as a whole and their abilities.
    Date: 2/20/2020 11:01 AM
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  • Evan Stanley, REDiTECH
    I've been working with Justin and Lisa and it has been a great experience. They are taking my explanations of how I wish things could look, and making them a reality. Because of their help, i have my templates exactly how i want them which helps reduce time in our quoting/sales process. Keep it up guys!
    Date: 2/19/2020 5:31 PM
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  • Aleen Wolff, Dash2
    Working with Great America has been a great experience! The customer service experience has been amazing! Justin Pickavance helped build out our templates in Connectwise Sell and when I was completing our first quote, I ran into a wall and needed help so I reached out to Justin and within minutes he was available and took care of everything.
    Date: 5/15/2019 5:55 PM
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  • Liz Macedo, Spade Technology
    We have been working with Great America for a few years and upgraded to Sell based on their recommendation. Everyone at GA was extremely responsive and helpful through the migration. Instead of only helping us add the GA feature to our quotes, Justin went above and beyond to update the design of our outdated quote templates. He kept us educated and informed throughout the process. Many thanks!
    Date: 4/9/2019 5:14 PM
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  • Ryan Kerr, Sunset Technologies
    We've worked with GA for several years now, utilizing them for all our Client's Financing needs, and now Hardware Rentals. By using the Sell Plugin for GA, our Sales Members can easily create a 3-year Hardware Rental that gives the client their monthly rental amount. We used to monkey around with Excel in order to quote GA Rentals, which was overly complicated for our Sales Team, especially if the rate would change. Justin at GA was instrumental in modifying our CW Sell Forms - huge thanks!!
    Date: 3/7/2019 4:30 PM
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  • Shawn Ouellet, PEAK Resources
    The integration with ConnectWise Sell was easy to set up and manage. The team at GreatAmerica have been extremely helpful and supportive whenever a question comes up. They tend to go above and beyond whenever you have a request and not only do they help you resolve things, they are always willing to take to the next step and help you understand details or other aspects that may help in the future. I wish more companies operated like they do!
    Date: 2/11/2019 1:58 PM
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  • Shawn Walsh, Paradigm Computer Consulting, Inc.
    Working with GreatAmerica has been a fantastic experience! The team at GreatAmerica are incredibly responsive, and make adding a leasing or HaaS option to each proposal we send out easy and painless. They have integrated the process into both ConnectWise and QuoteWerks, so it is automatic. We are closing more high value deals than ever before because we can give the client options that allow them to hold on to their capital. I strongly recommend working with GreatAmerica.
    Date: 3/1/2016 10:12 AM
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  • Josh Oakes, New England Network Solutions, Inc.
    GA’s rental structure allows us to bundle the up-front project and equipment with monthly managed services for one fixed-fee to our clients. As a result, our offering is now simpler and our clients don’t have to worry about up-front, out-of-pocket costs. We are able to push our hardware standards out faster, sales have climbed and our cash flow has skyrocketed. They also integrate with CW, allowing us to include all of our ongoing services on their monthly invoice. They also collect FOR you.
    Date: 10/13/2015 11:02 AM
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