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ConnectStrat 5P Business Growth Series

ConnectStrat is excited to get back on the road and see our clients and friends in person again! It's been a long couple of years and we have so much to share. On top of our growth with several new coaches and expansion overseas, we are equally excited to have been invited to present in the business track at IT Nation Connect this year in what we call our 5P Business Growth Series! 

What are the 5Ps? People, Priorities, Performance, Process, and Perspective. Each of these items represents a key set of foundational tools that form the major growth building blocks we teach in our ITSP-focused system.

PEOPLE. By far, your most valuable asset. But what exactly does it mean to have the "right people in the right seats"? More importantly, how do you measure it and are there any missing pieces? In this session, you will learn the three keys to success on any team, why you need to act with the "First Who" mentality, and how to Assess, Align, and Advance the PEOPLE on your team based on Cultural Fit, Competence, and Commitment.

PRIORITIES. With the right people in place it is now important to get them rowing in the same direction with intent and consistency. In this session, you will learn how to get your team to focus and how to set your team's PRIORITIES so that they are focused, goal-oriented, and solution driven.

PERFORMANCE. As Peter Drucker said, "What gets measured gets managed." Learn how to operate with objectivity and drive team PERFORMANCE so that you meet and exceed your goals consistently down to each individual in the organization.

PROCESS. Successful teams adapt their workflow while weak teams gripe about how difficult the process is. Learn how to simplify process creation and maintain, manage, and mature your core PROCESSES so that you can execute consistently and predictably, making it easier to scale your organization.

PERSPECTIVE. How do we align our team so that every thought, idea, and action revolves around the company goals? Now that you have the right PEOPLE, with the right PRIORITIES, measuring PERFORMANCE and following PROCESS, learn how to drive a common PERSPECTIVE, keeping everyone on the same page with your Vision, Strategy, and Execution so that everybody is moving the business forward every day with staggering results.

We hope you can join us at IT Nation Connect 2021 either in-person or virtually! Want to meet with a coach while you are there? We will have a meeting room at the event with both open and scheduled meeting times (details TBA).

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