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Visionary 360

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Product Overview

Visionary 360 has been the partner of choice for Technology Solution Providers (TSP) services since 2009.  Our team of industry veterans engage with each client to understand their business, improve processes, and mirror that into their ConnectWise tools, especially ConnectWise Manage PSA.  

There is no "our way or the highway" like some consulting agencies do.  Each TSP is unique, so we take this into great consideration during our unique consulting engagements. 


Quick Facts: 

·       Founded 2009 
·       First ConnectWise Consulting Agency to market 
·       Born in HTG Peer Groups 
·       Follows SLI financial standards
·       Peer Group Financial Reporting Friendly 
·       Clientele worldwide 
·       US Based Certified Consultants 
·       Industry Veterans 
·       Implementation & Training 
·       Support Plans 
·       Free System Assessment 

User Reviews

  • Steve Wojcik, Prosper Solutions,
    We have used V360 for apx 10 years now, if your looking or QB and Manage help no one is better. They helped us customize so much in Manage. The Team has deep industry knowledge, they listen your issues and then give you OPTIONS on how best to resolve it. Best of all they can implement all the fixes for you no just tell you how to fix it!
    Date: 2/18/2020 11:46 AM
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  • Brian Largent, The ArcLight Group, LLC
    I've spent a great deal over the years on various consulting groups to help me get my Connectwise on-track. I had very little luck in getting our systems operating smoothly. Part of that issue was my inability and unwillingness to commit the time needed to get things done properly. Another issue was the consultants I used did not emphasize the time commitment required to get things right. Visionary360 repeatedly informed me of the time commitment and what was involved. Money well spent!
    Date: 2/13/2020 6:20 PM
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  • Reuben Kamp, Darkhorse Tech
    I am not going to lie, this is a huge time commitment you need to make. The results if you do, speak for themselves. Extremely professional, responsive and patient!
    Date: 2/13/2020 3:02 PM
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  • Jim St.James, Hi-Tech
    Matt, Don, and the rest of the V360 team are outstanding. They are the best resource I have found for IT application consulting. Not only can they help you realize the full potential of Manage, they are very good with QuickBooks, QuoteWerks, and Automate. We have relied upon their expertise for several years now. They staff at V360 have a well rounded IT background and they are able to help with any kind of industry questions you may have. I highly recommend V360.
    Date: 2/12/2020 3:27 PM
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  • Jim Smith, Proper Sky
    We got Matt's name from a peer at IT Nation and within months of engaging v360, we transformed our business. When you're serious about becoming a BiC MSP, the v360 cannot be beat.
    Date: 2/10/2020 9:42 AM
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  • Nick Rigali, Last Line Solutions, Inc
    Visionary 360 has been an excellent partner for us - they helped us define direction for our processes and procedures and helped us get everything in place and dialed in to our needs. I highly recommend them if you want to streamline your processes and workflows in Connectwise Manage. They know their stuff!
    Date: 2/9/2020 1:59 PM
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  • Nick Bernfeld, IT Support RI
    We need a lot of Help with our Connectwise and did not know where to start. We reach out to Visionary 360 they took the time to look at our setup, what we wanted it to look like and them came up with a game plan to get it where we wanted it. It a long time but we got it now showing all the Data and Syncing with QB and really giving us insight on where we need to go in the future for growth. Highly recommend Don, Matt and his Team!
    Date: 2/6/2020 8:25 AM
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  • Mike Kurtz, Advanced Business Innovations
    Our ConnectWise was not in the best of shape, we had several administrators over the years making changes and we needed help fixing what was done wrong and an expert in getting ConnectWise in line with our growth. Visionary 360 did it! We established a baseline of what we had and what we needed. They put together a plan on how to transition out of old broken and obsolete processes and into new more automated and streamlined processes. M highest recommendation and many thanks. Mike Kurtz
    Date: 2/5/2020 2:13 PM
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  • Scott Brown, TimbukTech, Inc.
    I highly recommend the Visionary 360 team. They've helped us clean up our service processes, build out better workflows, and cleanup our accounting integration. Some of their 'creative' approaches or out of the box thinking have saved our back office a lot of time.
    Date: 2/4/2020 8:04 PM
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  • Jason Hagens, SWAT Systems
    Visionary did an awesome job helping us deal with the Washington state labor issue. They created a customized report that saved us time and money. They know the numbers and if you live in SLI Service Leadership Land they have you covered!
    Date: 2/4/2020 6:29 PM
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  • Travis Grundke, Ashton Technology Solutions
    The team at Visionary did a great job working with us to revamp our 10+ year old ConnectWise implementation and bring it up to date. This included financials, workflow rules, security for end users, trimming our statuses and work types, plus more. We thought we could do it on our own, but Visionary was able to focus and get this done much more quickly and thoroughly than we ever could have. The results are clearer financials, streamlined ticketing, and better metrics.
    Date: 2/4/2020 6:27 PM
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  • Jeremy Kushner, BACS Consulting Group
    The team at Visionary 360 is fantastic. We honestly could not have gotten to the point we are at with ConnectWise without their consulting services. They took us through the initial implementation from soup to nuts and continue to support us on an ongoing basis. Highly recommended!
    Date: 2/4/2020 6:17 PM
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  • Glenn Johnson, Skyen LLC.
    Don and his team at Visionary 360 are awesome at what they do. They know their systems up and down and are always quick to respond. I highly recommend Visionary 360 as the go to company for all your Connectwise Consulting Services.
    Date: 2/4/2020 5:09 PM
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  • Jon Allred, Nucentric Solutions
    V360 has been a great partner both on the Connectwise consulting side and helping us with our bookkeeping. It's great to have a partner that understands an MSP's accounting process and has deep Connectwise knowledge.
    Date: 2/4/2020 4:01 PM
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  • Jim Abbott, Ashton Technology Solutions
    Others in our organization do more work with Don Bentz and his team, but for the few issues I've had, I've been very impressed with Don and Matt. Knowledgeable, quick to respond, and quick to resolve the issue. I'd highly recommend them. A great team to work with!
    Date: 2/4/2020 3:28 PM
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  • Chris Benson, AlwaysOnIT
    VIsionary 360 was instrumental in getting our ConnectWise implementation done correctly out of the box. They get into very deep details of your operations and financial systems, to make sure you are taking full advantage of all that ConnectWise has to offer.
    Date: 2/4/2020 3:27 PM
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