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Product Overview

StreamlineIT, powered by ConnectWise Manage, provides the perfect opportunity to collaborate with your client's IT team in ways that benefit you both. Demonstrate your firm's technical proficiency and service excellence, while becoming a valued technical resource. The more they call on you, the more you insulate yourself inside the client organization. StreamlineIT gives you a distinct competitive edge. And ConnectWise Manage helps you capitalize on your opportunities. Grow your revenue while you grow your market share and stay ahead of the competition. This unique opportunity helps you to:

Features and Benefits:

Grow Revenue
  • Use the StreamlineIT opportunity to sell to new types of clients.
  • Partner with Client IT, not against them. Collaboration is the key to your success.
  • Client Tickets are sent directly to you by Client IT managers. This increases your value to Client IT while allowing you to demonstrate your service excellence.
Increase Your Client Retention
  • You control the licensing to StreamlineIT.
  • Once they begin to use StreamlineIT and understand its power, your clients will become reliant on its ability to improve their staff productivity.
  • If a client leaves you, simply turn off the power of ConnectWise Manage.
Capture New Sales Opportunities
  • Your ability to review tickets yields unique insights into your client's business.
  • Reviewing client problems opens the door to suggesting adding new services or products.
  • With Client IT on your side, gain access to CFO / CEO level decision-makers. Executives appreciate the reporting on activity and utilization StreamlineIT provides. This visibility increases their knowledge of what IT accomplishes on a daily basis while adding additional levels of accountability to IT efforts.

StreamlineIT gets your sales efforts off the ground quickly, thanks to the world-class support provided by ConnectWise Manage. The StreamlineIT Tool Kit provides everything you need to be positioned properly and selling successfully.


User Reviews

  • Rob Pennoyer, Business Technology Partners, Inc.
    We use Streamline IT extensively, and it's great but there are some limitations. Here's a big one: there is no calendar sync for these users. CW is all about coordinating schedules, but your client's users who are using Streamline IT will not see their CW schedule entries in their own calendars. The problem is that CW can only sync with one Exchange server. Another limitation is that things like ticket templates don't obey rules for location restrictions, so your Streamline IT users will see all of your templates, and vice versa.
    Date: 9/28/2014 10:00 PM
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