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Product Overview

Precision Automation for Cybersecurity Hardening

Empower Your MSP with Senteon’s Advanced Hardening Capabilities

Senteon is revolutionizing the way MSPs and MSSPs manage cybersecurity through advanced automation and precise system hardening. Our platform automates the remediation and enforcement of over 1,000 CIS-recommended security configurations for workstations, servers, and browsers, aligning with critical security standards seamlessly. By standardizing these settings across all client systems, Senteon not only simplifies compliance management but also enhances system reliability and operational consistency.

Intelligent Learning Mode: Proactive Configuration Management

Senteon’s Learning Mode offers a strategic advantage by providing real-time insights into the potential impacts of security settings adjustments before they are implemented, enabling:
  • Predictive Impact Analysis: Assess the potential impacts of setting changes to ensure business continuity and minimize disruptions.
  • Informed Engineering Decisions: Equip your engineering team with comprehensive data to optimize security measures and tailor them to specific client needs.
Comprehensive Security Features:
  • Automated CIS Benchmark Compliance: Effortlessly align client systems with the latest security protocols to defend against evolving threats.
  • Versatile Framework Compliance: Meet and exceed standards for regulatory frameworks like CMMC, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and more, ensuring all clients are consistently audit-ready.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Drift Enforcement: Keep a vigilant eye on system configurations to prevent drift and ensure continuous compliance through automated enforcement.
  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities: Generate detailed reports that provide actionable insights and demonstrate compliance and security posture effectively, most critically configuration change history reports.
  • Customizable Security Frameworks: Adapt and apply security settings that cater to the unique demands of each client, enhancing both protection and service personalization.
Streamline Operations and Enhance Service Delivery with Senteon
Integrating Senteon not only boosts your service offerings but also fortifies your operational backbone, enabling:
  • Operational Uniformity: Reduce the variability in security setups across clients, enhancing troubleshooting efficiency and support response times.
  • Dependable Client Relations: Forge stronger trust by consistently delivering on security promises with measurable compliance and enhanced data protection.
  • Scalable Solutions: Adjust effortlessly to the security needs of various business environments within your client base, from small businesses to large enterprises.
Join the Future of Managed Security Services Elevate your MSP services with Senteon’s cutting-edge hardening technology. Contact us today to explore how our automation solutions can refine your operations and help you deliver superior cybersecurity services. 
Reach out now at for a comprehensive demonstration or to discuss tailored solutions that can transform your security approach. Let Senteon be your partner in standardizing and hardening more effectively
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