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Product Overview

Supercharge your IT Service Desk with Pia aiDesk

At Pia, our mission is clear: to empower MSPs and IT service desks to revolutionize their operations through the power of hyperautomation.

Introducing Pia aiDesk, a globally patented AI-led automation platform that seamlessly integrates with existing ConnectWise PSA to streamline processes, free up resources, and boost operational efficiencies for managed services providers (MSPs), enabling a comprehensive technological transformation


Why Pia aiDesk

Pia aiDesk is more than a service desk solution – it’s an automated platform that leverages artificial intelligence to create efficiencies within MSP service desk operations.


Native ticket system integration
Thanks to Pia aiDesk Native Ticketing System Integration, we bring the chatbot and automations into your engineers' ticketing system, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.


AI-Powered Ticket Triage
Designed with the needs of support team managers in mind, our ticket triage system uses advanced AI classification and predefined mapping rules to automatically classify and route incoming support tickets to the appropriate team or board.


Extended Platform
Use our 60+ pre-built automations to streamline your engineering tasks, or create your own custom automations to take your service desk to the next level. From integrating with the chatbot to integrating with external services, custom automations will improve customer experience and boost your team's productivity.


Ultimate Security
Experience efficiency and security with our ISO 27001, SOC2 certified, agent-based architecture. Capitalize on real-time task execution, smart interoperability, and scalability.


Technical Highlights:

  •        Patent Status: Globally patented AI-led automation technology
  •        Integration Capability: Seamless integration to ConnectWise tools
  •        Security Certifications: ISO 27001, SOC2, HIPAA
  •        Compliance: GDPR
  •        Automation Library: 60+ pre-built automation processes
  •        Customizability: Supports the development of custom automation workflows


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Pia aiDesk for MSPs - Explained in under 90 seconds


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Pia's ConnectWise Manage Integration is certified via the ConnectWise Invent Program.  If you need support with the integration please contact:

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