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The ConnectWise Marketplace is a dedicated site for you to find integration information and reviews, workflows and partner contributed materials like templates, agreements, custom reports, configurations and more!

Navigating the ConnectWise Marketplace

Marketplace Tabs

All Apps

This tab contains a combined list of ConnectWise and Solutions Partner integrations. 

Solutions Partners

This tab contains the integrations with all of our partners and Solutions Partners. You can sort by the cateogry of the integration, such as: Accounting, Dashboards, or RMM. 

ConnectWise Products

This contains a comprehensive list of ConnectWise products, such as: Email Connector, Mobile Licenses, StreamlineIT and Business Transformation Audits. 

Partner Exchange

This section contains tons of peer contributed templates for things like: tracks, workflow rules, CRM surveys, agreements, solution sets and more! 

Searching in the Marketplace

There is a search box available on the top-right hand corner of the Marketplace screen. 

  1. Enter your search keyword.
  2. Press enter or click on the magnifying glass button.
  3. Search results will be display in the main window.

How to Use the Partner Exchange

Uploading and Downloading Materials from the Partner Exchange

  • Upload Templates: From your ConnectWise client, navigate to the template and click the Upload/Share on Marketplace button on the toolbar. You will be prompted with a pop up box to name your template and provide a description.
    • You can upload the following screens to the Marketplace:
      • Agreements Setup Table
      • Configuration Setup Table
      • Custom Reports Setup Table
      • HTML Email Templates
      • Customer Portal Types Setup Table
      • Products Screen
      • Project Template Screen
      • Project Board Setup Table
      • Service Board Setup Table
      • Service - CRM Surveys Setup Table
      • Standard Service Template Setup Table
      • Tracks Setup Table
      • Views
      • Workflow Rules Setup Table
        Important: You will not be able to upload a workflow rule to the Marketplace if you are using custom fields for that workflow.
  •  Import Templates: From your ConnectWise client navigate to System > Marketplace.
    • On this screen you will see a list of all Peer contributed templates, including descriptions and ratings. Select the green Import button to download to your ConnectWise client.
    • Depending on the type of template you select, you will be given a pop-up box to fill in any customizable or required fields.
Note: All parameters in the template will be carried over into your system. For example, if workflow rules are set to run in the template you're downloading, then they will be set to run in yours as well.

How Templates are Mapped to Manage

The following chart shows where items end up in Manage when imported from the Partner Exchange

Agreements Agreement Type Setup Table
Configurations Configurations Setup Table
CRM Surveys Your Hard Drive
Customer Portal Types Customer Portal Type Setup Table, Portal Configuration Setup Table
Custom Reports Your Hard Drive
HTML Email Templates User Selected - for example, Libraries -> Documents Library
Products Products Catalog
Project Boards Project Board Setup Table
Project Templates Project Templates Screen under the Projects Module
Report Writer System -> Report Writer
Select Contact Check Box Select this check box next to the contacts you want to either add or remove from a marketing manager group.
Service Boards Service Board Setup Table
Service Templates Standard Service Template Setup Table
Solution Sets Varies - Individual components compose the solution sets
Tracks Tracks Setup Table
Views Varies depending on view
Workflow Rules Workflow Rules Setup Table

Shared Template Actions

  1. In order to add or remove templates you must be logged into the Manage client.
  2. After logging in, go to System > Marketplace.
  3. Click the link on the left side called Manage Templates. This will bring you to the University.
  4. After you log in, click back on the Marketplace menu item if you are not directed back to the Marketplace automatically. 
  5. Click on Partner Exchange top menu banner in the Marketplace.
  6. On the left side just above the Sign Out button, select Contributed from the dropdown. This will show you any templates that were contributed by your company. 
  7. On the right side you can choose to delete a template by selecting Delete from the dropdown. After selected, you will see a message that says "{template name} has been removed from the marketplace and will be permanently deleted in 30 days".  This gives the user a chance to un-delete the template within the next 30 days. This can be compared to moving something to your recycle bin on your computer in that after 30 days it will be removed completely.
    Note: Once a template has been marked for deletion, it is still visible to the owner for thirty days after being marked for deletion, but not to other partners.

    How to Remove Items From the Partner Exchange