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IronVest InboxGuard

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Product Overview

IronVest InboxGuard is designed to protect the modern workforce from sophisticated phishing attacks. It uses AI-powered technology and a human-centered approach to identify and block targeted phishing emails that slip through Secure Email Gateways. Working in tandem with your current SEG, IronVest InboxGuard runs advanced checks on every email and actively warns users of red flags with zero disruption to their emails or work flow. We layer our solution with an immersive security awareness training that offers consistently updated, relevant, and highly engaging content that is specifically designed to change employee behavior and promote a strong security culture throughout your enterprise.

IronVest InboxGuard Features:

  • All-in-one security awareness training and active phishing protection
  • Active inbox alerts to catch emails that getaways miss
  • Contextual security awareness training
  • On-demand simulated phishing campaigns
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Advanced checks on every email

IronVest InboxGuard runs advanced checks on every email in real-time. Using an intuitive labeling system with red, yellow, and green indicators, it's easy for employees to identify what's safe, what's questionable, and what they should steer clear of. Employees actively learn what to look out for, without disrupting their workflow, and can continue to apply their learnings with every email that comes through their inbox.

Complete security awareness training employees love

IronVest InboxGuard is the only AI-powered anti-phishing solution that delivers security training both contextually and in real-time on actual phishing emails that your organization might receive. 

With IronVest, you can continuously train your employees with micro-learning content that is relevant and memorable, to keep your business safe. 

  • Cybersecurity awareness and training to teach employees how to avoid phishing emails 

  • Stimulate a phishing attack and see how well employees are trained to spot them

  • Meet your regulatory and compliance requirements for SOC2, PCI DSS, HIPPA

Comprehensive dashboard and reporting

Our admin console empowers security teams to pull detailed reports and gather key insights to identify weak spots on an individual or department level. In addition, you can see the ROI and track the success of security awareness training and phishing simulations. The reports are easily digestible for management and provide a 360-degree view of the entire organization.

IronVest is a 360º employee-centric security platform that protects companies from any kind of account takeover that leads to systems and data compromise. The IronVest solutions include InboxGuard, a multi-layer anti-phishing solution that combines digital security awareness training and real-time inbox alerts. IronVest AccessGuard leverages biometric account access protection to ensure only authorized users can access any digital account or enterprise system. The zero-integration, browser-based solution provides a holistic account access protection solution for companies of all sizes.

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