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Picture of InXero: MSP Go-to-Market Platform

InXero: MSP Go-to-Market Platform

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Product Overview

Power up your growth engine to acquire new clients. Extend the power of your ConnectWise Manage with industry’s first Go-to-Market Platform purpose-built for MSPs.  Go-to-market with speed, agility and compliance.

  • More Discoverability. More Content.
  • More Leads. More Tech Buyer Intent.
  • More Sales & Profits. Less Work for You.

InXero Go-to-Market platform provides turnkey MSP Tech CMS Hub, trending tech content assets, compliance controls library, suite of go-to-market apps to help MSPs grow confidently and adapt quickly in the digital age. We focus on cybersecurity, cloud, data center, industrial IoT, and UCC go-to-market IT ecosystem and enable self-nurturing / self-education of the modern In-Market tech buyers.

InXero MSP Go-to-Market Platform is a force multiplier on IT Solution Providers’ existing marketing and sales technology investments proven to grow digital reach up to 20x, go-to-market speed up to 100x, leads up to 590%, traffic up to 571% and cut content curation time up to 90%. 

InXero was born from a need to democratize IT ecosystem go-to-market software stack and IT commerce by giving every IT Solution Provider (MSP, MSSP, CSP, VAR) and Vendor access to world-class technologies that are traditionally held only by the largest organizations.

Our vision is to empower all MSPs and IT Solution Providers who power the small medium businesses with technology to drive the human progress forward in the digital age.

Are you ready to enlighten your tech buyer engagement and sales funnel? With InXero MSP Go-to-Market Platform, you can:

  • Elevate your digital discoverability and get found on google by tech buyers
    InXero automatically optimizes your videos, white papers and other content for search engines, which means your marketing and sales content can rank better, attract more viewers, and get you more site visitors from search engines like Google, without any extra work. Boost your SEO with fresh content on your website and social channels and get found by your prospects on Google.
  • Differentiate your MSP brand with scalable content creation and curation
    Differentiate your messaging with industry insights, trending articles, research reports, white papers, videos, presentations, third party reviews, and line of business case studies. Leverage industry content, vendors partners content and your own content to engage the modern tech buyers. Keep your website and social media fresh with relevant content. Boost your SEO with fresh content on your website and social channels and get found by your prospects on Google.
  • Expand your reach and drive more traffic to your website with sales social outreach
    Empower your sales reps with relevant content to engage more prospects across social channels like LinkedIn. Exponentially increase reach, drive traffic and accelerate existing lead generation efforts by guiding social selling activities that deliver more helpful, cohesive, and deeper client engagements.
  • Generate more qualified leads and acquire new clients
    Increase visitor conversions. Entice website visitors to take the next step and convert to leads from digital-led engagements to filling a form. Proactively offer helpful content and deals to your prospects.
  • Influence buyer intent and close deals faster with buyer engagement insights
    Unlock added value from your program by learning from the prospects engagement history and tech buyer intent data. Refine the engagement with most helpful content throughout the buyer journey. Increase speed, control costs, and minimize operational overhead with our end-to-end digital Go-to-Market automation platform.

Why Now and Why InXero?

Tech buying behavior has completely changed in the past year and tech prospects no longer prefer talking to MSP sales reps. Today, the tech buyers are in control of the buying process. Most technology purchase decisions now involve a tech buying committee. Millennials are now the most common decision-maker in the buying committee. 60% of the B2B tech buyers are millennials. They continue to disrupt the buying cycle. 94% of tech buyers self-educate / self-nurture before talking to a MSP representative. Tech buyers are researching MSP company on MSPs sites, social networks, marketplaces and peer communities before choosing to invest in MSP solutions.

At InXero, we know MSP marketers and sellers need to figure out how to make their customers aware of the full breadth of solutions capabilities that they have so they you can find and acquire high volume new SMB clients, increase cross-sell and upsell with multi-vendor joint solution bundles.  Yet MSPs don't have all the marketing resources that bigger companies have even though MSP marketers need to be as strategic to their company as other people who've had years to learn the latest technology and modern marketing techniques.  

In this new dynamics, MSP marketers and sellers must partner (or perish) to serve modern tech buyers exactly when and how they want. MSPs need to be present where tech buyers are doing research and own MSP company narrative, make MSP discoverable on google to the self-nurturer tech buyer, use In-Market intent data to continue to personalize the self-nurturing, use relevant content to engage tech buyers, generate high volume of SMB leads, and acquire new clients. MSPs must bring speed and scale to their go-to-market operations to generate more sales and more profits to secure success in the digital age.

As average MSP marketer works with 20 vendors. Today, there are multiple silos of content sources, complexities and touchpoints that burden MSP marketers, making their day-to-day MSP marketing and business extremely manual, less effective, less scalable and less profitable than MSPs’ real potential. For example, in order to engage the modern tech buyers, the MSP marketers need to bring content from multiple vendor portals, hundreds of industry publications, and use their own content. Curating and aggregating content from multiple siloes of content sources, instantly creating a cohesive story and then distributing the content to multiple sources such as websites, social networks, sales teams, marketplaces and keep the content fresh is a constant challenge for growth.

And let's be honest - it's hard.  MSPs need to bring the relevant content, have to be in compliance with messaging from all the vendors they represent and be present on various social media platforms.  With InXero even inexperienced MSP marketers who have many different roles to fill in their company can help their companies survive and thrive.  InXero cares about MSP marketers and MSP business and we have invented a single MSP go-to-market dashboard to unify all MSP communications by connecting disjointed tools and consolidating all the vendors and industry contents in one place.  InXero platform will drive more web traffic, increase leads and give you the MDF reporting MSPs need to justify the money partners are investing in MSPs. 

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