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Product Overview

GetInSync: Empowering Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to Unlock Clients’ Enterprise Value

At GetInSync, MSPs are equipped to transform their service offerings, like Uber, which invented the rideshare industry by turning parked cars into revenue-generating resources. The GetInSync platform enables MSPs to unlock hidden value in their clients' businesses by optimizing IT strategies and aligning them closely with business goals.

Much like Airbnb utilizes vacant rooms, GetInSync identifies untapped opportunities, enhancing enterprise value through strategic IT management. This approach optimizes technology investments and unveils new growth and operational excellence avenues.

Transformative Vision: At GetInSync, our vision is to revolutionize how Managed Service Providers offer IT leadership to SMBs. By equipping MSPs with AI-driven insights and strategic tools, we enable them to act as virtual chief information officers (vCIO) for small and medium businesses (SMBs), syncing IT strategies with business goals for maximum impact.

Focused Mission: At GetInSync, we empower MSPs and vCIOs to help SMBs thrive by enabling the strategic implementation of information technology. Our mission is to provide the tools and insights for MSPs to align IT strategies with SMBs’ objectives, fostering growth, reducing costs, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Addressing the Core Challenge: MSPs don’t have a line-of-sight to their customers' business strategies. GetInSync bridges this gap with a robust method, framework, and cutting-edge AI tools, ensuring MSPs can see their clients’ strategy and propel technology alignment. Explicitly designed for MSPs and vCIOs serving SMBs, GetInSync enhances MSPs’ service offering, boosting value and monthly recurring revenue. It's crafted to elevate client relationships, creating a collaborative environment for MSPs and SMBs to jointly refine IT strategies and optimize tech investments.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Aligns IT planning with business priorities, promoting innovation and efficient resource use.
  • Streamlines application portfolios, avoiding redundancy and fostering data harmonization.
  • Facilitates strategic project management, improving clarity and teamwork.
  • Delivers real-time, data-driven insights for informed decision-making.

Technology Driving Success: GetInSync’s platform is purpose-built for MSPs in a multitenant cloud environment utilizing .Net Vue and Microsoft SQL. It is hosted on Amazon Web Services; Quicksight powers data visualization with OpenAI ChatGPT integration for quick onboarding.

Outshine the Competition: Unlike others, GetInSync is committed to operational excellence and strategic growth, offering a minimum 10X ROI. With GetInSync, MSPs don't just manage IT—they drive business success.

Pricing: With packages starting from as little as $10 per client per month, GetInSync provides an accessible entry point. GetInSync offers a tiered pricing structure that caters to the diverse needs of MSPs and vCIOs. Whether the MSP is visualizing a single organization's strategy or aiming for technological alignment across enterprise-level business domains, there's a plan that fits. Each package includes AI-driven insights, idea prioritization, and key account management tools.

Contact Us:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 306.596.7827
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