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Product Overview

This product is available to purchase through the ConnectWise Marketplace.
Review the ordering tab for more info, or click the pink “Buy Now” button to review purchasing options.

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About ESET:
For more than 30 years, ESET® has developed industry-leading IT security software and services, delivering instant, proactive protection against evolving cybersecurity threats for businesses worldwide. ESET’s award-winning security products are lightweight, fast and built with ConnectWise MSPs in mind.

Be sure to check out the new ESET PROTECT Cloud Bundle license options in the ConnectWise Marketplace! For product recommendations, you can ask your ConnectWise representative or book a meeting with an ESET expert.

Remote Management Options (ESET Console & Automate Plugin)
ESET Direct Endpoint Management – Automate Integration
The ESET Direct Endpoint Management solution directly connects ESET endpoints to your ConnectWise Automate console with no additional hardware, servers or software needed.
Features include:
  • Automated endpoint deployment to ConnectWise Automate groups
  • Creation and assignment of ESET policies to ConnectWise Automate groups
  • Automatic mapping of ESET endpoints to ConnectWise Automate Agents 
ESET PROTECT – Security Management Console (Version 8)
The ESET PROTECT console offers a single pane of glass solution for endpoint management, offering complete network visibility, full security management, flexible reporting and automation.
Features include the following:
  • Monitors and compares ESET endpoint seat counts against PSA agreements, and issues billing adjustments as necessary
  • Maps ESET endpoint products to ConnectWise Manage services and ESET static computer groups to CW Manage customer contracts
  • Allows MSPs to group ESET endpoints into existing groups and subgroups in the CW Manage database
  • Each ESET group corresponds with a customer account available in the CW Manage database
Products Available:
  • Security Management Console (cloud or on-premises versions): Single pane of glass over all security solutions deployed in the network. Remote management tool that controls endpoint prevention, detection and response layers across all platforms.
  • Endpoint Protection: Advanced multilayered protection for computers, smartphones and virtual machines.
  • File Server Security: Real-time protection for your company’s data passing through all general servers.
  • Mail Security for Exchange: Blocks spam and malware at server level, before it reaches a user’s mailbox.
  • Cloud Office Security for Microsoft 365: Advanced preventive protection for Microsoft 365 cloud email and storage.
  • Cloud Sandboxing: Proactive protection against zero-day threats that analyzes suspicious samples in an isolated cloud sandbox environment.
  • Full Disk Encryption: Robust encryption solution for system disks, partitions or entire devices to achieve legal compliance.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Helps prevent breaches by employing unique passwords for each access.
  • Endpoint Detection & Response: Sophisticated tool for identification of anomalous behavior and breaches, risk assessment, incident response, investigations, and remediation.
  • SharePoint Server Protection: Protect sensitive data in Microsoft SharePoint with multilayered technology.
Remote Management Integrations:
  • Security Management Plugin for Automate & Manage (cloud or on-premises versions): Direct Endpoint Management plugin for Automate
Services Available:
  • ESET Cybersecurity Awareness Training: Increase employee cybersecurity-related awareness and teach best practices.
  • Endpoint Detection & Response Optimization: Let our ESET experts optimize your installation to ensure rules and alerts are delivering critical information for real-time events.
  • Premium Support (24/7/365): Gives your organization access to our senior customer care specialists 24/7 to help ensure you keep your environment running smoothly.

Complimentary ESET Deployment and Upgrade Service
Let our ESET experts guide you through your initial deployment or upgrade to the latest version. This white glove service is at no cost for ConnectWise customers with an active ESET business license. Schedule your deployment today!


ConnectWise Manage ConnectWise Manage
ConnectWise Automate ConnectWise Automate


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For detailed provisioning and purchasing documentation, please click here.

Provision your NEW ACCOUNT or migrate your existing ConnectWise Agreement to usage-based billing by clicking the BUY NOW button.

When provisioning a new account or gaining license management ability for an existing account, you’ll choose an ESET product (cloud or on-premises management options available), add a product and quantity, and then be able to:
(1) Activate ESET’s cloud management console in EMA (ESET monthly license portal).
(2) Download and install ESET’s management console (on-premises version).
(3) Download and install ESET’s Automate plugin, the Direct Endpoint Management plugin for ConnectWise Automate, which allows customers to avoid a server or cloud console by using Automate to configure, deploy and manage ESET.

Get billed for your monthly usage based on licenses you’ve ordered that appear in your Marketplace account or ESET’s monthly license portal, EMA (both portals are integrated and synchronized).

Product License Bundle Options:
  • ESET PROTECT Entry (cloud or on-premises)
  • ESET PROTECT Advanced (cloud or on-premises)
  • ESET PROTECT Complete (cloud or on-premises)
  • ESET PROTECT Mail Plus (cloud or on-premises)
  • ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced (on-premises only)
  • ESET Endpoint Protection Standard (on-premises only)
Products Available:
  • Remote Management – cloud or on-premises versions (ESET PROTECT)
  • Security for Endpoints (File Server, Desktop, and Mobile, including virtual environments)
  • ESET File Security for Windows Server, ESET Endpoint Antivirus, ESET Endpoint Security and ESET Mobile Security
  • Security for MS Exchange Server (ESET Mail Security)
  • Security for Microsoft 365 (ESET Cloud Office Security)
  • Cloud-Sandboxing (ESET Dynamic Threat Defense)
  • Encryption (ESET Full Disk Encryption)
  • Two-Factor Authentication (ESET Secure Authentication)
  • Endpoint Detection & Response (ESET Enterprise Inspector)
  • Direct Endpoint Management plugin for Automate
Services Available:
  • ESET Cybersecurity Awareness Training
  • Endpoint Detection & Response optimization
  • Premium Support (24/7/365)

ESET Endpoint products are priced per device in most cases, with the exception of ESET Mail Security (per mailbox), Two-Factor Authentication and Cloud Office Security (per user), with monthly usage billed in arrears. Pricing is subject to change at any time. ESET is a third-party product sold and distributed by ConnectWise. The ConnectWise Privacy Policy is not applicable to the use of this third-party product.

For more information or questions, please connect with your CW Account Manager or email



For ESET related technical support questions or issues please contact ESET directly for assistance. You may choose the route that suits you best and their team looks forward to serving you!

 For ConnectWise application issues, please contact


User Reviews

  • David Howarth, David Howarth, TekWise Solutions
    We needed some help to get off an old on premise server (currently failing) . ESET has bent over backwards to help us make the transition to Cloud as quick and painless as possible. Thanks for being there and so willing to help... Exceptional service.. There are always lots of competitors but when you get service like this there's no other choice to consider.
    Date: 7/29/2021 6:19 PM
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
  • Rusty Pearce, BMC Technologies
    I’ve used ESET for years, and it is the best security software I’ve used. Now, as an MSP, I recommend all our clients use this software. The support is fast, and the technicians are knowledgeable. They offer a full range of services that meet all our clients’ needs. They are also constantly working to improve their product and offer the latest technology. I highly recommend this software!
    Date: 4/9/2021 12:40 PM
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
  • Ray Bayard, Synogen Solutions
    We upgraded from Webroot to ESET months ago and it's been a very smooth experience. The added value is immeasurable. We are able to provide a robust suite of security services to our clients driving down risk and increasing revenue. The ESET support team and engineers have been exceptional; providing the highest level of support with fantastic response times. While ConnectWise support continues to decay, it's nice to be working with a partner that stands out from the rest. Thank you ESET!
    Date: 3/31/2021 10:22 AM
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
  • Charlie Schloss, EOS
    Doesn't update additions on existing agreements, so it's useless. If this could ever be changed to update additions I would recommend in a heartbeat, but from how the vast majority of people use Connectwise Manage (per reddit, other forums) I cannot recommend this plugin as is.
    Date: 9/16/2019 8:32 AM
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (1/1)

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