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Product Overview

The Emersion billing and payment integration for ConnectWise Manage will save most MSPs at least 3 months of work every year! At the same time, we integrate to local carriers making it much easier to sell variable usage-based services like VoIP, internet plans and more. This enables MSPs to become a one-stop IT shop for their customers, while also ensuring that invoices go out on time, every time.

Key Features:

  • Easily sell voice, data and energy services –Emersion integrates to local carriers with advanced provisioning workflows that help your team efficiently manage the setup and activation of new orders. Usage and pro-rata charges are calculated automatically and applied to ConnectWise agreements or Emersion invoices ensuring that your company never misses another bill run!
  • Accept multiple payment methods – Emersion integrates to multiple payment gateways and vendors including Stripe, EziDebit, Merchant Warrior and many banks in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. This means that your company can accept multiple payment methods including Credit Card, Direct Debit and more leading to faster invoice payment times. Many of the payment merchants we integrate to offer lower fees than more commonly used providers with integrations to ConnectWise.
  • Automate subscription billing – With Emersion, subscription billing becomes set and forget. Fees for managed services, hardware and usage charges are automatically applied to a single invoice and sent to the customer at the end of the payment period. The customer's account is automatically charged and reconciled. If payment fails, collections notifications can be sent automatically. This saves time, improves cash flow and leads to a better customer experience.
  • Stop leakage on O365 licences – Most MSPs waste countless hours every year managing their customers O365 licences. This is a low margin product and when you factor in the staff time needed to manage each licence, takes months to become profitable. Emersion can automate the provisioning of O365 licences via Rhipe, meaning that every licence you sell will be profitable from day 1. For most MSPs, this means an additional $27,000 in profit every year.
  • Online Customer Portals – Emersion’s end-user portal can be embedded on your website and customised to match the look and feel of your brand. This has comprehensive functionality to help your customers view and manage their accounts online, make payments, update their details. Optional permissions and modules enable reports, service desk functionality and subscription management. This improves your customer experience while also reducing the number of inbound enquiries that your staff need to manage.
  • Synchronise data from ConnectWise to Xero – ConnectWise users can synchronise customer and invoice details from ConnectWise and Emersion to Xero.
  • API Integration – Emersion has over 100 pre-built integrations to vendors, carriers, distributors, payment gateways and enterprise software platforms. Companies can also choose to integrate their internal systems and web applications via API.

Emersion is cloud-based and synchronises data to ConnectWise in real-time, meaning that your data is always up to date, no matter which system your team prefer to work out of. We have deep integrations to over 100 vendors in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, and are capable of integrating to any data source that you can throw at us.

Our system is flexible and customisable and has comprehensive functionality to handle multi-tiered environments. To find out how Emersion could benefit your business please visit

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