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Product Overview

This product is available to purchase through the ConnectWise Marketplace. Visit the ordering tab of this tile or click the buy now button to purchase. A free trial is also available through the ConnectWise Marketplace. Please click the "Free Trial" button below to be redirected to the marketplace checkout process. At checkout, you can select trial as your account type and you will not be charged.

Bitdefender provides antivirus/antimalware consistently rated #1 in independent tests and a comprehensive set of additional endpoint protection layers as part of a unified MSP security suite - now also available for purchase with simple monthly usage-based licensing through ConnectWise. From a single cloud-hosted management console and using a single agent you can easily and efficiently administer: antivirus/antimalware, content control, device control, anti-exploit, patch management, encryption, optimized VM security, tunable machine learning, cloud sandboxing, EDR, and more. In addition to centralizing endpoint protection, Bitdefender helps you reduce overhead with enterprise-grade policies and reporting, comprehensive APIs, and integrations with ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise Manage. With Bitdefender you also save money as layers such as content control or anti-exploit are included without extra cost to give you the robust proven protection you need against new ransomware, zero-day exploits, phishing, and other malware.

Bitdefender Endpoint Security (standard offering)
Catch more threats, and reduce the hassles of having to clean up incidents with AV/Antimalware and endpoint security that consistently ranks first for protection and performance across major independent organizations such as AV-Test and AV Comparatives.Work more efficiently and increase profits with not just Antivirus/Antimalware but other extra modules available without extra charge. The solution includes:
• Antivirus/Antimalware
• Content Control (Block/restrict access to potentially malicious websites/apps/categories)
• Device Control (Control which external devices can be used, e.g.: only certain USBs)
• Anti-Exploit (Identify unknown exploits based on common exploit techniques in memory)
• Process Inspector (0-trust behavior monitoring of all running processes)
• Web Filtering (URL blacklist + scanning unknown pages, search advisor)

Bitdefender Full Disk Encryption
Data is the most important asset in the digital economy. Employees carrying a laptop loaded with sensitive corporate information during business trips or commutes are exposed to risk of loss or theft. Grow revenues and help customers meet compliance requirements and avoid loss of data and the negative financial or reputation impact. Activate, deploy and manage Full Disk Encryption efficiently from the same Bitdefender console you use today. Key features:
• Centrally deploy encryption with pre-boot authentication, manage and restore encryption keys
• Uses native encryption technologies to avoid performance and compatibility issues: BitLocker on Windows, FileVault on Mac
• Generate encryption reports to track policy enforcement and demonstrate compliance

Bitdefender Patch Management
A large proportion of successful cyber-attacks exploit known vulnerabilities in popular applications. Despite the patches being available, MSPs and organizations work inefficiently and are often slow to deploy them to workstations and servers, and this increases their vulnerability window. Streamline patching and reduce the time to patch critical vulnerabilities with a patch management solution that provides the fastest patch scanning and the largest library of patches for Windows and 3rd party applications. Activate and use Patch Management from the same Bitdefender console you use today. Key features:
• Largest database of Windows and 3rd party security and non-security patches
• Manual and automatic vulnerability patching with scanning, scheduling, reports and option to postpone reboot
• Fastest scan for missing patches, detailed and prioritized patch information

Bitdefender Security for Exchange
As email is a key attack vector, blocking messages that contain malicious links or attachments before they reach users is vital. Bitdefender consistently leads independent tests not just for malware detection but also for antispam technologies, allowing users to be more productive with less spam messages to filter through. Consolidate endpoint and Microsoft Exchange email security and antispam into one console with Bitdefender. Key Features:
• Industry Leading antispam improving user productivity
• Antivirus and Antimalware scanning of email content and attachments
• Integration for Microsoft Exchange email servers

Bitdefender Security for Virtualized Environments
Traditional AV/antimalware solutions have a large resource footprint and are cumbersome to manage when protecting virtual desktops or servers. Because they require a full agent to be installed on each VM, several agents will be updating and scanning inefficiently on the same hardware host. Instead of one agent on each VM, Bitdefender Security for Virtualized Environments offloads scanning to dedicated Security Appliances, drastically improving performance and increasing the number of VMs you can run with the same infrastructure. Use the same Bitdefender MSP Console to protect physical systems and deliver optimized protection for VMs running on any hypervisor, and cloud workloads.
• Optimized Antivirus/antimalware security for files, processes and memory with scanning offloaded from virtual machines to dedicated central appliances
• Centrally manage optimized protection for VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, or other hypervisors and for cloud workloads
• Improve user experience by reducing application latency
• Not just file scanning but comprehensive protection technologies including process and memory scanning
• Automatically deploy protection to new machines by including Bitdefender Whenever in the VM templates or golden images

Bitdefender Advanced Threat Security
Attackers are using Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and targeting organizations and even MSP networks directly as a way to gain easy access to customer systems. To protect customers that have 0 tolerance for security incidents, Bitdefender Advanced Threat Security includes technologies developed specifically to maximize catch rates for fileless, PowerShell and other script-based, hacking, and other advanced attacks. Bitdefender Advanced Threat Security includes HyperDetect to block attacks at pre-execution with tunable machine learning capabilities, and Sandbox Analyzer for enhanced targeted attack detection. The offering protects against file-less attacks, PowerShell and other script attacks, and delivers improved threat context and visibility. Grow revenues and differentiate with superior protection by activating ATS from the Bitdefender MSP console for customers that are sensitive to security breaches. Features:
• Tunable Machine Learning prevention of advanced ransomware, fileless, and other attacks
• Blocks PowerShell and other script based attacks
• Automatic and manual submission for to cloud-hosted sandbox for advanced analysis, threat context, and visibility

Bitdefender Endpoint Detection and Response
As cyberattacks keep evolving, prevention is not enough - even the top tech companies are regularly being breached. Given sufficient time and resources, attackers manage to evade preventive measures, so it becomes important to detect beaches early, before the criminals accomplish their objectives. Bitdefender Endpoint Detection and Response provides clear visibility into indicators of compromise (IOCs) and one-click threat investigation and incident response workflows. MSPs and MSSPs can leverage the offering to deliver managed detection and response services to organizations that are highly sensitive about their data security. Activate and manage Bitdefender Endpoint Detection and Response from your Bitdefender MSP Console.
• Detects threats that manage to elude prevention layers and is easy to use, avoiding alert fatigue with alerts prioritized by risk level
• Delivers in-depth visibility of suspicious activities, one-click resolution
• Offers investigation and root cause analysis capabilities


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ConnectWise Manage ConnectWise Manage
ConnectWise Automate ConnectWise Automate
Setting up ConnectWise Automate integration in Bitdefender GravityZone console

Bitdefender quarantine management in ConnectWise Automate


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When provisioning a new account, you'll create your tenant and gain access to the Bitdefender GravityZone portal. Utilize this portal or the ConnectWise Automate plug-in to add or remove endpoints as needed, and get billed for your monthly usage. No need to enter a quantity for each product, or come back to our marketplace to make changes.

Products Available:
• Cloud Security for Endpoints
• Cloud Security for Exchange
• Advanced Threat Security (ATS)
• Advanced Threat Security and Endpoint Detection and Response (ATS & EDR)
• Encryption
• Patch Management
• Security for Virtual Environments (Server or Desktop)

Bitdefender is priced per end point, with monthly usage billed in arrears. Pricing is subject to change at any time. Bitdefender is a 3rd party product that ConnectWise distributes. The ConnectWise Privacy Policy is not applicable to the use of this 3rd party product.

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User Reviews

  • Lucas Keipper, LMK Consulting, LLC
    This integration has been buggy and I am still working with Connectwise and Bitdefender to get autodeploy to work. When I did the initial install using the instructions in the documentation I couldn't even force an installation to a computer manually. Connectwise was able to fix this quickly on the first ticket. Mixed feelings at this point. Bitdefender integration in Maxfocus/Solarwinds was so clean compared to this. I thought it would be better with Connectwise.
    Date: 5/25/2017 3:10 PM
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (5/1)

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