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Product Overview

                  The MUST-have tool for MSPs and SMBs. Learn more here.

AlertOps is a leading incident response orchestration platform in the ConnectWise marketplace. AlertOps will improves your customer success and your team’s quality of life. After 5 years of serving over 50 ConnectWise Manage customers, we know exactly what you need.

AlertOps Integration with ConnectWise Manage integration allows End-To-End automation of the ticket lifecycle. Smart notifications provide enhanced visibility across the board. AlertOps helps simplify managing multiple SLA's, managing audit-trails, and keeping all tools in sync across the organization.

Our team of experts will walk you through everything – making implementation and onboarding a breeze.  Get a free consultant and demo with specialist today!

Never Miss Another Afterhours Priority Alert Again
AlertOps provides everything you need to get comprehensive around-the-clock coverage 24x7x365.

  • On-call schedule management
  • Live-call routing
  • Advanced escalation policies
  • SLA management

End-To-End Ticket Lifecycle Automation
Seamlessly sync and automate ticket statuses, fields, and updates. Leverage any ConnectWise Manage API endpoint to build custom automations.

Analysis & Reporting
Easily monitor your entire network, gather insights and generate postmortem reports.

Amazing Customer Service
We take pride in our 5-star rating on various rating sites like G2, Gartner, Captera, ConnectWise marketplace, and many more.  Our stand behind our product with an amazing customer success team that is always willing to help.  With AlertOps, your customer success is our customer success! 

Try AlertOps today for free and see why we are an MSP best practices.



ConnectWise PSA


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AlertOps's ConnectWise Manage Integration is certified via the ConnectWise Invent Program.  If you need assistance with creating API members or integration setup please send a note to and the ConnectWise Manage support team can assist. For any other questions with this integration, please contact the AlertOps team directly to resolve any issues.

User Reviews

  • Graham Williams, Uncomplicate IT
    Alert ops has made a huge difference in our daily workflow. All alerts into a single pane of glass which we can monitor across our team. Reminders when we need them, less noise when we dont. Overall super pleased.
    Date: 1/11/2024 3:03 PM
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  • Jonathan Lavoie, victrix
    AlertOps has been indispensable for delivering cost-effective, around-the-clock tech support with reliable ConnectWise integration. Users commend its flexibility, detailed customization, and sleek design, making it an irreplaceable tool for seamless operations. The support team offered me efficient and quick support every time I needed it.
    Date: 12/21/2023 3:12 PM
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  • Darius Legall, Leadwave Technologies Inc
    I've been using AlertOps for almost one year now, and it has been great. It was relatively easy to configure and implement. Onboarding is easy as they walk you through it if needed, and support is very responsive. The platform has all the flexibility and customization needed to track all after-hours and trigger alerts based on the API configuration. In the end, it's a very good product, and we've had zero issues since implementing it.
    Date: 12/21/2023 2:00 PM
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  • Ali Gaeta, Internetwork Engineering
    AlertOps has allowed me (as an MSP leader) to reduce operating costs by helping manage holidays, weekends, etc with automation - vs manned staff. It works as designed and gives us the flexibility we needed! The AlertOps staff has been very helpful and they understand ConnectWise PSA - huge when that's your ticketing system. I think we have just tapped our automation capabilities and there is much more we can do as we utilize this solution.
    Date: 12/19/2023 9:48 AM
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  • Tom Wartick, Aantomy IT
    Alert Ops has been really good addition to our customer support portfolio. It integrates well with ConnectWise, and is intuitive to use.
    Date: 12/19/2023 9:16 AM
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  • Maurice Escayg, Gershow Recycling
    AlertOps was exactly what we needed! From the time we started, the team has been nothing but helpful and patient with our requests. The applicatin connects seamlessly with Manage and as a result, we never miss a high priority ticket. I would recommend this application without hesitation!
    Date: 12/18/2023 3:00 PM
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  • Austin Germaine, BT Partners
    After hours support is a cornerstone of our service offering, and our former paging solution had proved itself to be inadequate. AlertOps has provided us with precise and reliable notifications, on-call schedule management, and ticket escalation that we can trust. It's been one of the wisest investments we've made this year.
    Date: 12/15/2023 11:00 AM
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  • Eric Colley, AnchorSix
    We have been using Alert Ops for several months and are becoming huge fans of this platform. We've used it and leveraged its integrations with CW along with Sumo Logic and PRTG to really change the game when it comes to getting good alerts and providing them to the right people to the right time. I would recommend this product to anyone and plan to use it for the foreseeable future.
    Date: 12/14/2023 3:23 PM
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  • Sam Kemp, Tenhats
    We moved off pagerduty to AlertOps because of the integrations with connectwise manage. We have been able to automate a ton of things between the products and give our support reps so much more information during a page event than ever before. There are still some bugs it seems in the scheduler but we have loved the product so far. It has saved us money and improved our response times and productivity.
    Date: 12/14/2023 2:07 PM
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  • Jason Belgin, Business Technology Partners LLC
    We have been using Alert Ops now for about 3 months. IT by far is the number one solution to our on-call process. Before we used a process of excel spreadsheets for on-call schedules along with SMS based only notifications for High Level alerts. This streamlines the process all contained in the mobile app and integration into ConnectWise . You cannot go wrong here. Great product
    Date: 12/13/2023 2:27 PM
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  • Jason Minner, BT Partners
    Great product under the curcumstances. No one wants to be woken up at 3 in the morning, but this product does as advertiesed. The setup is simple and the integraton with Manage is great. I would recommend this for any company with an on call need.
    Date: 12/13/2023 2:14 PM
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  • Jeff Landberg, US itek, Inc.
    AlertOps has been our favorite option for afterhours alerts. The noise has been reduced to exactly what we are looking for and the platform is the perfect combination of customizability and simplicity.
    Date: 12/5/2023 2:17 PM
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  • Henry Overton, Turn Key Solutions, LLC
    AlertOps has helped us provide tech support to our clients around the clock with minimal expense. The integration with our connectwise products has been very reliable for 2+ years now. In the odd instance where we needed their tech support, they have been friendly, fast, and very effective. Highly recommend them!
    Date: 12/5/2023 10:08 AM
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  • Chris Fisco, Krantz Secure Technologies
    Alertops has been fantastic tool for us! So much flexibility and it just plain works every time we need it.
    Date: 6/21/2023 4:23 PM
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  • Cameron Hilario, iTech Las Vegas LLC
    Compared to other NOC alerts I've used before, AlertOps is able to be more customizable and detailed and the calls we get after hours contain more useful information.
    Date: 6/15/2023 1:07 PM
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  • Andrew Cammall, ITech Las Vegas LLC
    This product has the needed versatility our team needs to do the best jobs we can.
    Date: 6/15/2023 12:59 PM
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  • Scott Campbell, Velocity Network
    I have been working with AlertOps for a while now. Its always reliable and is a great way to hold accountability and reduce them time between the help request and receiving the help itself. Its a sleek app that looks great. I with changing the font size and color were possible, but I can't imagine using another app for the foreseeable future.
    Date: 5/24/2023 4:20 PM
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  • Jeff Lawrence, 3Nines Technologies
    AlertOps really helps our team stay in contact when issues arise. We can immediately see who is working on an issue, escalate if needed, and even close the ticket all in the app. We use it on a daily basis and with the integration with other services, we are alerted when a server is down or when an end user leaves a voicemail after hours. We don't miss a thing!
    Date: 5/24/2023 9:52 AM
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  • Alex Bowles, Ciscom Solutions
    We've used a few different products to help our on-call staff and we really like AlertOps compared to some of the other offerings out there. The app interface is simple and easy to understand. The alerts have great customizability and are real easy to tailor to our specific needs. All in all, it is a really great tool for letting us know when something needs to be addressed.
    Date: 5/23/2023 4:16 PM
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  • Andrew Johnson, REDiTECH
    Alert Ops team was great to work with during onboarding and configuration. They assisted with the connectwise integration and it works perfect. We now are able to auto generate and assign tickets for our on call techs.
    Date: 5/23/2023 2:16 PM
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  • Caleb Scansen, High Point Networks
    We have been using Alert Ops for ticket ingestion for ~2.5 years now. Our uses for AlertOps grow every quarter. I now integrate AO to some level with every single item in my stack. The support team is fantastic. The roadmap feels like it could move a bit faster. Some of the items discussed in our initial conversations have still not been implemented, but all in all the solution is very sound.
    Date: 5/23/2023 1:19 PM
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  • Andy Tran, Virtuoso
    A nice and simple tool to receive alerts from multiple platforms. Works perfectly fine with Azure, we use this day-to-day and easily manage any critical and non-critical notifications. Works perfectly on our mobile apps, great to acknowledge and action anything that's gone down! 5/5, couldn't ask for anything else. The API integration works great with ConnectWise. Automatically updates our ticketing system. Very easy to use! Thank you AlertOps for this monitoring solution!!
    Date: 11/18/2022 6:58 AM
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  • Haroon Rashid, Virtuoso
    Alert Ops is really good for our Team and integrates well with ConnectWise. It is also intuitive to use. Good stuff!
    Date: 11/18/2022 5:52 AM
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  • Jordan Hamilton, Tekcon
    Never miss a thing with AlertOps
    Date: 11/4/2022 3:55 PM
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  • John Shaffer, Silver Hill Energy
    We have been using alertops for awhile now and it has been beyond useful to our environment. The team is very knowledgeable and have been very satisfied with their turnaround time. Thanks a bunch!!!
    Date: 11/4/2022 2:48 PM
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  • Gerry Solis, TurnKey Solutions
    We started using AlertOps several months ago after discontinuing use of another product. AlertOps team has been great to work with for all of our needs. Their customization and scale make it very easy for us to take care of our customers emergencies as needed.
    Date: 11/4/2022 1:36 PM
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  • Harold Robinson, TurnKey Solutions, LLC
    We were using a competing product for our after-hours alerts and they stopped supporting the Connectwise integration. We moved to Alertops and have been very Happy. Their support is always willing to jump in and correct any issues quickly. I now have better 2-way integration with AlertOps and my other monitoring products than I ever had before. I highly recommend AlertOps.
    Date: 11/3/2022 4:24 PM
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  • Aaron Garcia, TekConcierge
    We were having a hard time with ensuring that our tech team was responding to alerts for new tickets being entered via e-mail. We were told about AlertOps and we are glad that we added them to our tool set. Their support is also great to work with and helpful in figuring out all of the integration pieces for CW Manage!
    Date: 11/3/2022 4:12 PM
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  • Connor Renning, DSM
    I've used AlertOps as an on-call engineer and was always given expeditious notice for the incidents that came into our TAC. In my experience it has always been reliable.
    Date: 11/3/2022 4:11 PM
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  • Robert Sabine, Virtuoso
    Alert Ops works great within our team here. Easy to manage alot of alerts that we get day in and day out, especially the integration with Connectwise. The new mobile app is also great improvement over the old update.
    Date: 11/3/2022 3:17 PM
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  • Aaron Garcia, TekConcierge
    We have appreciated AlertOps as one of our integrations into CW as we were running into an issue where a simple e-mail notification wasn't enough for our engineers to respond to issues in a timely manner. The support team has also been great to work with. If you are questioning whether to jump in with them, then ask no more!
    Date: 11/3/2022 3:09 PM
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  • Danielle Whitman, TekConcierge
    First off I must say the support from AlertOps is outstanding! As soon as I have any questions/concerns/changes I am able to schedule right away which is great working as Service Manager for MSP. We mainly use this tool to alert us for tickets that are breaching SLA, though we have had some small issues with double alerting, it does help draw attention for our guys that are on call. We are still working through some tweaks, but so far it has been a great addition to our toolset.
    Date: 11/3/2022 3:04 PM
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  • Michael Cluney, MHD Communications
    This product has more versatility than any other alert system I've worked with. Because of that complexity, it can be a challenge to work with at times, but their team is always really good about assisting us with anything we need to do.
    Date: 10/31/2022 5:55 PM
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  • Brandon Conkins, High Point Networks
    AlertOps has been a game changer for us. With a quickly scaling business and thousands of alerts flooding our NOC each day, this was the perfect solution to reducing alert fatigue and creating tickets for the specific events we cared about. Also fantastic for on-call alerting and rotation. Highly recommend.
    Date: 10/26/2022 12:42 PM
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  • Nate Huitt, MHD Communications
    This has been a saving grace for us since deploying it in our environement. Prior to deploying AlertOps we had to manually change the phone number in our PBX each week for whomever was on call. The only minor gripe I have with the application is the UI on the mobile app is a bit clunky and difficult to use. Other than that its a 5/5.
    Date: 10/21/2022 3:22 PM
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  • Noah Weir, DKBInnovative
    AlertOps does a great job alerting multiple teams of critical issues as they come through and are responsive to any issues that come up. Definitely recommend if you're in the market for a product that can alert your teams effectively.
    Date: 10/21/2022 9:29 AM
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  • Matt Klein, Anchor Point ITS
    We've been using AlertOps for a few months now and absolutely love it! Alerting options are highly customizable and works flawlessly. The Connectwise Manage integration is amazing. So great to be able to assign yourself to (or close) a ticket straight from the AlertOps app. Onboarding and support are amazing. Anytime I have a question or problem, they respond quickly and knowledgably. I highly recommend to anyone who needs a reliable on call system that integrates well with Connectwise.
    Date: 9/16/2022 12:35 PM
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  • Jennifer Garcia, WhyReboot
    We've been using AlertOps for over a year and our team loves it. It's reliable, easy to use compared to other applications, and even the support team is fantastic at responding and getting to a solution. I'm very impressed and highly recommend!
    Date: 9/1/2022 4:43 PM
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  • Rod Vasquez, Intelice Solutions
    We've had AlertOps for a couple of years now and are extremely happy with the results. Our techs rely on the convenience of launching the mobile app to check in on this assigned alerts. As the manager, I have found it easy to schedule our resources during on call hours and holidays. Support issues when needed, have always been handled in a timely fashion. Keep up the good work!
    Date: 8/23/2022 12:20 PM
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  • Caleb Scansen, High Point Networks
    I have nothing but good things to say about this software, or the team that supports it! The platform is flexible, functional and constantly improving. The app is fantastic, and is also constantly improving. The dev team and product team are constantly looking for feedback and ways that they can improve. New integrations are constantly arriving and adding more value to the platform. Integrations are incredibly flexible, and the the only true limitations are your creativity.
    Date: 8/17/2022 12:06 PM
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  • Jim St.James, Jim St.James - Hi-Tech
    AlertOps has done a tremendous job automating our after hours notification. We have it setup to alert the on call Engineer and escalate to the backup and to the manager. Works awesome, highly recommend the product.
    Date: 8/16/2022 1:07 PM
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  • Lena Glazunova, Manawa
    We switched to AlertOps from a different platform for a number of reasons, such as flexibility in schedule changes when someone is off, adding Stat holidays to the existing schedules, combination of multiple schedules and teams and others. I appreciate fine tuning that can be set up with ConnectWise. I am pretty sure I have lots yet to discover though.. So far, whenever I ask - is it possible, the answers were - yep :-).
    Date: 8/15/2022 12:55 PM
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  • Jack Klenk, Accessium Group
    The folks at AlertOPs have been great to work with up to this point. Responsive white-glove support when on-boarding us. The platform is very flexible and they have been more than willing to help us navigate the possibilities and tailor the product to our organizational approach. So far I am very impressed with support. There are very few things I have any issue with but I am confident that those will be rectified over time.
    Date: 8/15/2022 9:15 AM
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  • Joseph Cantillo, Whyreboot
    We have had AlertOps for over a year and the integration is fantastic. I can't begin to express how much our Engineers love ALertOps!! ConnectWise also makes it easy to assign and close tickets. 11/10 I would recommend AlertOps to anyone!!
    Date: 8/12/2022 12:53 PM
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  • Brandon Barrett, Turn Key Solutions
    We've been using AlertOps for over a year now and it has been incredibly valuable to our service team. The web interface and mobile app are easy to use and intuitive. Service and support is also great. They worked with us through the implementation to get all of the integrations working that we needed and didn't just point us to a KB article and leave us to figure it out on our own. The few times we've needed support, we've gotten someone who knows the system thoroughly. Very impressed!
    Date: 8/10/2022 6:39 PM
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  • Mark Brenner, WhyReboot
    We have had AlertOps for over a year and the integration is awesome. Support is also great, anything that we need done they have been able to implement.
    Date: 8/10/2022 10:42 AM
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  • Nigel Wallace, WhyReboot
    The office has been using AlertOps almost a year now and I really enjoy the ease of use. Easy to check the schedule, easy to swap days, and the integration with ConnectWise also makes it easy to assign and close tickets. Would 100% recommend AlertOps!
    Date: 8/10/2022 10:42 AM
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  • Eli Haas, Vision Computer Solutions
    We really like the flexibility that AlertOps provides. Adding or removing someone from our on call rotation is significantly easier then what we were using before (OnPage). Also their support is great, Kam specifically helped me build out our entire call tree.
    Date: 8/10/2022 10:34 AM
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  • Kent Windham, DSM Technology Consultants
    We looked to AlertOps to fill gaps left by our RMMs. What we found was a fully capable alerting system with tons of integration. I've been the main person using and administering AlertOps for nearly 2 years. AlertOps support is very responsive and helpful.
    Date: 8/10/2022 10:19 AM
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  • Zack Russell, Zack Russell, 3Nines
    We have been using AlertOps for a few years now - and let me tell you it is a fantastic product!! Their support team is top notch! Very fast response time anytime I have ever needed assistance with the product/solution! This product is core to our day to day operations. Thank you AlertOps!
    Date: 8/5/2022 11:19 AM
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  • Matthew Weir, Starboard IT
    I've been using AlertOps for over a year and it's a standout product. Very easy to use and I'd recommend it to anyone in need of a product that provides IT Alerting.
    Date: 7/22/2022 2:27 AM
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  • Shehbaz Butt, Starboard IT
    I was introduced to AlertOps over the past few months and have been quite impressed with the product so far. It is logical and was easy to pick up and use. I like the mobile app feature, allowing for easy access and set up. Have not yet dealt with support but doco is good so far.
    Date: 7/18/2022 7:20 PM
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  • Daniel Skody, Net At Work
    A must for todays fast moving world. We would be wasting who knows how many hours a day dealing with issues and this has helped tremendously.
    Date: 7/5/2022 9:05 AM
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  • Cary Chu, Net At Work
    AlertsOps is a highly useful application that allows us to monitor our client systems in an efficient and effective manner. Recommended tool for all Managed Services Providers.
    Date: 7/4/2022 9:38 AM
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  • Victor Andaur, NetAtWork
    AlertOps has allowed me to become more efficient when being on-call. The Android application is great.
    Date: 6/30/2022 2:52 PM
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  • Samjhana Ale, Starboard IT
    AlertOps is great app for On-call service. user friendly, Its very easy to setup and manage.
    Date: 6/21/2022 12:34 AM
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  • Bharath Dondeti, StarboardIT
    AlertOps is Excellent product. I have been working with the AlertOps over few months, and I am impressed with the workflow of the alerts. Its super flexible and easy to work on the alerts. Alerts are consistent and allow you to customize according to company requirements. AlertOps is improving the business needs and making it user-friendly.
    Date: 6/20/2022 10:22 PM
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  • Emily Walters, OnPar Technologies
    AlertOps is an amazing product, and the support that is given by the AlertOps team is just as impressive! Any questions or issues (normally user error) are handled with care and quickly. On-call has never been easier for our technicians, and for administration to review and revise processes!
    Date: 6/20/2022 9:35 AM
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  • Cameron Harper, Daxtech IT Solutions
    Made our on-call management a breeze, they are friendly and great to work with. Integrations that make management simple and drive efficiency are always welcome.
    Date: 6/17/2022 8:23 PM
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  • Dennis Santucci, NetAtWork
    We have been using alertops with great success.
    Date: 6/16/2022 12:03 PM
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  • Daxter Granlin, Daxtech IT Solutions
    After trying several solutions, we switched to AlertOps. Their team has been very responsive and helpful throughout implementation and ongoing support. AlertOps is simple to understand, and everything just works. Out techs love the mobile app as it is intuitive and easy to use.
    Date: 6/16/2022 11:37 AM
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  • Sean Harris, A Leap Ahead IT
    We switched to AlertOps from another competitor. We saved money, the integration works better, and we have received more support. It's important that you can rely on your on-call system and Alert Ops works great.
    Date: 5/17/2022 10:06 PM
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  • Shay Vogel, Community Care Partners
    Our team has been jazzed to start using AlertOps to help our techs get paged when they are covering our oncall shifts. Works nice. This tool is customizable per user settings with multiple options of alert delivery(email, SMS, etc), escalation settings, calendar options, workflow options, and the interface is super easy to use. Thanks AlertOps!
    Date: 5/13/2022 1:38 PM
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  • Hannah Brown, Hannah - GFI Digital
    I was so surprised when I tested out Alertops, this program was so much easier to navigate and respond to. I was getting frustrated with our old integration as it never worked quite right. Thanks so much for introducing a product that is actually usable and beneficial to our clients and employees!
    Date: 5/12/2022 4:54 PM
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  • Joseph Beacham, Coretechs
    We started using Alertops a little over a year ago. It has been a great product for us, keeping our team engaged with After Hours calls, and preventing customer disappointment. Support has always been responsive when needed, and our Account rep reaches out to us for any items that would benefit us!
    Date: 5/12/2022 12:25 PM
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  • Delaney Smith, A Leap Ahead IT
    We've been working with AlertOps for a bit over a year and they are wonderful to work with. It's a good system that alerts based on how YOU want it set up and allows for detailing for different instances.
    Date: 5/11/2022 2:21 PM
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  • Dawson Roeber, Community Care partners
    AlertOps is very convenient and it is great that it auto creates a ticket. It makes the on call process for our organization so much easier.
    Date: 5/11/2022 1:58 PM
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  • Joshua O'Quinn, Community Care Partners
    I had the pleasure of testing Alertops for my company for my first time ever on call during a trial we had with them. My next time on call was done using our traditional phone queue which I found to be drastically worse. I kept finding myself repeatedly telling myself "I wish we had AlertOps again. The way we take calls on the weekends now is just unacceptable in comparison." The features that AlertOps offers grants so much utility and really increases the quality of life for employees.
    Date: 5/11/2022 1:48 PM
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  • Delaney Smith, A Leap Ahead IT
    AlertOps has been a very useful and wonderful tool to work with. The staff has been excellent in responding to questions and helping set everything up. The only fault I have with AlertOps (though this may be more of Connectwise), is that when Connectwise updates, the API needs to be updated in AlertOps. I would love to see AlertOps integrate with Zapier or something along those lines that would keep the API updated and remove a bit of the initial legwork of setting up.
    Date: 5/11/2022 11:36 AM
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  • Samuel Hazel, GFI Digital
    We have recently switched to Alert Ops and it's been a night and day difference. Engineers reliably recieve the notifications and calls when they are supposed to and no longer get false alarms at random times throughout the day and night. The support has been top notch with the few issues we caused ourselves as well.
    Date: 5/9/2022 5:06 PM
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  • William McKee, GFI Digital
    Alert ops has made our after hours process a 1000x better. Consistent alerts that never fail and completely allow you to customize what it looks like for you!
    Date: 5/9/2022 5:01 PM
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  • Rosana Brumfield, GFI Digital
    Our engineers dreaded their on-call turn not just because they had to work after hours but because the product we used was not reliable. We had many missed alerts, false alarms, and duplicate alarms. And what they hated the most were false alarms that came in between the hours of 12AM and 5AM. With AlertOps, we've had zero missed alerts, false alarms or duplicate alarms. AlertOps support has made the transition seamless and very successful.
    Date: 5/7/2022 9:22 AM
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  • Scott Fitzgerald, GadellNet
    We switched to AlertOps after our last solution stopped supporting integration with CW. AlertOps' support is the best I've ever seen. Having an assigned solutions engineer means that I can get support from someone familiar with my set up. Implementation was difficult to do solo, but that assigned engineer made it look easy AND explained it in a way I could understand. Now I can manage most of it on my own. The mobile app is intuitive and my engineers using it have given all positive feedback.
    Date: 1/28/2021 1:27 PM
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  • Tyler Reynolds, MB Technology Solutions
    AlertOps is great! Super flexible to work with, robust platform, and tightly tuned into their customer's feedback. Very nice to work with.
    Date: 1/14/2021 3:26 PM
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  • Peter McIver, Virtuoso
    I've been working with the AlertOps team over the last few months, and have been genuinely astonished at what their product can do. The depth of this integration surpasses all others I have seen. If you put a bit of work into it, and can clearly outline what you are looking to achieve, the AlertOps team will support your vision right the way through. Super impressed with these guys!!
    Date: 11/19/2020 6:07 PM
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