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GreatAmerica Financial Services

ConnectWise Certified
GreatAmerica offers your customers a single monthly payment for hardware, software, installation and Managed Services in an as-a-Service model.
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Features and Benefits:

  • Submit credit applications from Opportunities
  • Flexible Invoicing
    • Variable billing capabilities
    • Single Invoice solution
    • Reduce invoicing costs & collection efforts
  • Delinquency Reporting
    • Service Tickets created when customers' payment not received
    • Real-time customer payment info
  • Get critical information on mutual clients without leaving ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Business Suite Power Partners are those Vendors who have invested integration resources across ConnectWise brands to empower the most robust user experience possible.

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Make a Profitable Transition

to As-A-Service with GreatAmerica

GreatAmerica Financial Services is bringing the as-a-Service financial model to Solution Providers without the risk and cash flow impact HaaS has on their business. MSPs with the desire to standardize, remove the CapEx objections, and produce positive cash flow can achieve these goals with Hardware as a Rental® or HaaR®. GreatAmerica Financial also provides standard financing options to help your customers acquire technology solutions they need with a monthly payment.

Integration Overview: Quoting All-Inclusive Monthly Payments 

GreatAmerica finance rates built right into your ConnectWise Sell (formerly Quosal) tool allow you to quote monthly payments that include hardware, software, installation and Managed Service fees to make up a Hardware as a Rental all-inclusive monthly payment. Also, you can quickly submit a credit application from within ConnectWise Manage (formerly ConnectWise) with this integration.

What is HaaR?

Hardware as a Rental combines the best attributes of Hardware as a Service (HaaS) and equipment financing. HaaR gives the customer a one-invoice solution for all hardware, software, installation and services. However, it does NOT require the Solution Provider to take financial risks associated with HaaS. It is a win-win for both Solution Providers and your customers. You outsource your invoiving, have stickier clients and recurring revenue. Your clients stay free up their cash, stay up-to-speed with technology, and have predictable monthly IT costs.

Why Switch to HaaR?

A third party survey asked 194 of our partners what benefits they get by selling a monthly payment option.  
Look what Solution Providers like you are saying about HaaR:

HaaR Infographic

"Since working with GreatAmerica, we get better sales margins and our cash flow has improved tremendously."

-Brian Hawk, Senior Excutive, Vertical Communications 

"The rental program is perfect for our market place. We are winning deals because of GreatAmerica!"

-Mark Machan, Division Manager, VIP Technology Solutions

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Case Study: The IT Company

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To find out more, please visit our resource center for an As-A-Service Guide, a HaaR InfoStudy, Service Leadership Webcast recordings and everything else you need to hit the ground running. Whether you're just getting started at offering an As-A-Service model or looking to refine your successful model - you'll find helpful, informative material.


We would love to help you transition to the next phase of your business.
There's nothing to lose - but a lot to gain.

Schedule a demo or ask us any questions you have.
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GreatAmerica's ConnectWise Manage Integration is certified via the ConnectWise Invent Program.
If you need assistance with integration implementation, please send a note to .  The ConnectWise Manage support team will work with the GreatAmerica team to resolve any issues.

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Existing reviews
Shawn Walsh, Paradigm Computer Consulting, Inc.
Working with GreatAmerica has been a fantastic experience! The team at GreatAmerica are incredibly responsive, and make adding a leasing or HaaS option to each proposal we send out easy and painless. They have integrated the process into both ConnectWise and QuoteWerks, so it is automatic. We are closing more high value deals than ever before because we can give the client options that allow them to hold on to their capital. I strongly recommend working with GreatAmerica.
Date: 3/1/2016 9:12 AM
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Josh Oakes, New England Network Solutions, Inc.
GA’s rental structure allows us to bundle the up-front project and equipment with monthly managed services for one fixed-fee to our clients.

As a result, our offering is now simpler and our clients don’t have to worry about up-front, out-of-pocket costs. We are able to push our hardware standards out faster, sales have climbed and our cash flow has skyrocketed. They also integrate with CW, allowing us to include all of our ongoing services on their monthly invoice. They also collect FOR you.
Date: 10/13/2015 10:02 AM
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